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So here is the deal, I just started downhill skiing. I'm looking for some skis to buy. I've been skiing 3 times and have totally fallen in love with the sport. I come from a mountaineering/ climbing background so I'm pretty fit. I also have spent many the winter days on cross-country skis so having boards attached to my feet in not a new concept. However I'm far from being awesome but I can make it down the mountain without killing myself or the others around me.

So far I have skied on rentals one day, volkl karmas one day and then on the Mantras one day. The rentals were pretty short and super easy to turn which I liked the other two were both around 180s and took a little more muscle to maneuver but I think I liked the mantras the most. My home ski resort is alyeska. The conditions there are 100% variable, from groomers to 3 feet of thick and heavy powder. As of yet I'm not super aggressive or super fast but I'm totally still a noob. I would like to get a twin tip or something with a raised tail. Further more I'm very interested in Backcountry touring so I would like to get a ski that would be good for that. Although I have no problems waiting to get an AT setup later on next year or in a couple of years. So I'm planning on at least 15 more ski days this year.

So should I get some beginner setup first?
I have been thinking about the Line prophet 90's. Is that too much ski for me to grow into?
Should I go a head and throw down the chunk of change for freerides or should I get a regular alpine binding first? I don't plan on doing any backcountry this year or if I do I'm happy just hiking. Don't worry folks I'm not an avalanche novice.

So in summary I'm a beginner/ Intermediate skier learning quickly and want a ski to grow into.
Oh and I'm 6'3" tall and about 175 lbs.