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Beginner egde tuning

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After reading many posts about tuning I read a lot about things that just may not apply to me.

Me my first pair of ski's Head XRC 500's, 41 years old, about a dozen times skiing in past couple of years before buying this year. I ski the greens with ease and I am starting on blue runs now.

I don't expect to ever race, but I enjoy the sport. I want to take care of my new ski's, but I don't need a race setup or anything close. I am very mechanically inclined so learning how is no problem.

I did see on the Swix website a nice Swix school which breaks things down into recreational, performance, and race groups. I wanted to start with the recreational group and buy the Swix edging tool (TA3001) and dual stone the (T240). After reading posts here I am under the impression that these may not be the greatest tools for setting the base edge and side edge, but are they good enough for a beginner level like me?

I expect to collect more and better tools over time, as I have with my bikes, but for now I just need some cost effective solutions to get started.
The Swix entry level seems like the ticket, but I don't want to buy garbage either.
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I use a SVST edge guide/spring clamp system, along with a DMT diamond (blue) and Arkansas stone to maintain my side edges after each time or two out. I'll use a final cut file (lightly) after 5 or 6 times out, then follow up with the stones.

I don't mess with my base edges at all, other than to take off any burrs with the DMT. And I do my own hot waxing, of course.

I'm no expert, but from what I have read and been told by others, this is a reasonable and cost effective approach.
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Dare I say it? Multi-tools work OK for tuners starting out on a budget. There are varying levels of continuing success for tuners as they advance their skills. Some find they need nothing more, others find that they prefer to upgrade the tools, but do so after getting some experience first, before blindly buying race grade tools for rec skiing needs. The T4B Tuning kits are excellent values for the rec tuner as are others on the market.
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