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Royal shaft ski poles

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Wow if you haven't seen these you need to. The poles are made by Goode and are a high quality composite pole light and with a nice swing weight. the grip is good. The grip features a chrome top. The poles also come with two basket sizes. Baskets are also easy on and off. rather then haveing to force them on and tug them off they screw on and off. But what makes them so much fun is the wild graphics! leopard prints , tiger strips , flames, psychedelic designs and more. Anybody skiing an Atomic Pimp Daddy needs a leopard print pole.
Nobody will ever mistake their poles for yours again. I love my leki poles but I have to get me a pair of the Royal shafts.
Excellent job on the poles Goode!
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I found them VERY heavy. So I didn't buy them. But they are the coolest things I've ever seen!
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Heavy, Really? The ones I was swinging around were very light.
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I have an older pair. Heavy? Don't think so. Mine are pretty tame graphically - red, white and black stripes. I'm very happy with them and I like having something unique compared to other poles.
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Yep, heavy. I own some Scott Carbon, Scott AL, Leki AL, and Leki Backcountry adjustable poles. With the exception of the adj's, the swing weight and overall feel seemed significantly more heavy. Could be me, but I have had others agree with my opinion on these.

Your mileage may vary.
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Sorry to wake up an old thread, but I just had to chime in to agree with axebiker.  I just picked up a pair of Royal Shaft poles for $24 from Level Nine Sports.  At this price, I have no right to complain, and I was just looking for some "don't care" poles anyway and these will do fine.  Still, these are noticeably heavier than my Leki adjustables and Rossignol G20s.  In fact, the first thing I noticed out of the box was not the graphics, but the weight.  They seem pretty strong, though.

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Which ones did you buy? Royal Shaft makes both fiberglass composite and metal composite poles. The product descriptions identify whether the pole is fiberglass or metal and note that fiberglass composite is heavier than metal composite. I haven't ordered mine yet but I'm leaning towards metal composite. The prices seem to be similar.
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The Level Nine Sports web site says mine are fiberglass.  The funny thing is that says all their poles are carbon fiber.  Now I'd love to get an explanation of what metal composite actually is and how much lighter it is.

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The weight for each length is given at the bottom of the product page where they say how many are available. wink.gif

I've been meaning to check the materials out on Wikipedia or something but haven't gotten to it.
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I looked up the weight of some of the fiberglass poles.  It says the "product weight" is 1.8 lbs for the 48" length.  I'm not sure if that includes the extra baskets, etc.  The metal ones say 300g per pole.  Doing the math, a fiberglass pole is ~100g or 33% heavier.  I'm not sure how this translates into "feel".

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I just tried to compare weights on aluminum, fiberglass composite, and metal composite poles on levelnine but have given up. It sounds like people talk about swing weight, but I suspect it might depend on how you use your poles and what you're used to, or maybe some have their weight distributed differently than others. th_dunno-1[1].gif

However, it's possible that calibration might matter more than construction. roflmao.gif
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