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Watched some film clips from Utah.

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I was cruising utube the other night and watched some clips of powder skiing from the Canyons and Park City Mountain resort.
All the clips from the Canyons were submitted by The Resort. Not a bad and cheap way to promote your mountain. the clip featured great snow and great terrain. pulse some of the worse powder skiing I have ever seen on film! yuck! All back seat and semi out of control. Every turn was muscled In a great many runs the tips never touch the snow at all, Never! it wasn't the tips floating to the top it was like a motorboat over loaded with fat people sitting in the stern plowing through the water. All the turns were off the tails of the skis. Just because you own fat skis does mean you can ski powder. The Canyons should be showing off their excellent terrain and powder with some good skiing, to bad the they did not do this. On the other hand I watch some clips posted by some Park City locals. Just some local hot skiers out for a day of pow and Fun. They were skiing a deep day last March. Wow what great skiing harming bumps with two foot or more of snow. Just nailing those bumps like they were in a bumps competitions knees moving in rhythm poles flicking setting up for the next turn. I just wish i could ski 1/2 as good in that environment. All the skiers were smooth as silk in control skiing steep trees. I know the area they were skiing and it is steep very steep and the trees are big very big! Launching some rock bands and cornices, doing flips and doing just a little showboating for the camera. hey they are young and great skiers why not! They would ski out of the landing like you see in professional ski porn. on the sound track you can hear them laughing and giggling. So one thumbs sideways for the Canyons clip and one thumbs up for PCMR. Some good armature ski porn over on Utube.
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You are right. The opening scene is dreadful with the two chicks in the white jackets. Gaper turns.

There is some good skiing in there though. Only a couple really talented skiers, a bunch of people like you and me, and then... the gapers. Yuck is right.
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There is also the guy in the red jacket arms flailing all over the place Upper body movement that throw him off balance, no control at all. and back seat turns. Hell I ski better then that and I suck! Some OK skiing from the Patroller guys on tele gear. I would say less then 20% of what was shot had any good skiing the rest was puke. really sad that the Canyons would use that to promote their mountain.
Thanks for linking that stuff from utube.
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