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Never Summer Premier

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Damp, too damp, sweet?
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Hard to find, but dynomite snowboards. 4 year warranty, bomb proof construction, great all mountain board.

Highly recomend Never Summer, in four years of selling them, not a single one ever came back for a warranty issue, and once I even had a customer drive 6 hours to buy one from me.


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Really a sweet all-mountain board built in Denver, CO. I would go to a demo day to try their whole lineup. Gags takes them around to various mountains throughout the season. Look on their website for the schedule. I bought one 3 years ago. Christy Sports and Boulder Ski Deals carries them locally around Colorado. I think D&E Ski and Snowboard Shops carries them in the Roaring Fork Valley. Unfortunately I screwed my knee up again two years ago and I needed to go to something softer and shorter. It now sits unhappy in my basement.
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John J;

There's a local shop in town that has a decent depth of knowledge on the Never Summer snowboard line. The link I believe is something like skyehigh.com. I work with another company as a quasi on hill rep (for another snowboard brand). not really into all the fame an glam. At any rate..enough about that back to your inquiry. Drop them an e-mail, I'm very confident that you should expect the right answer your searching for if not more...Oh yeah tell them Jonah sent you...lol (just a shameless joke of a plug)!!!!
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From what I understand, the Legacy is a wide version of the Premier. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. I have the Legacy 174 and it compares well to my Donek Sasquatch 170. The 'squatch is a little stiffer, so they both feel like they are the same length.

I really like the board and I have been using it as my softie board of choice more as the season wears on.

My only complaint is that it is rather heavy compared to other boards of similar size and intended use. The only time it really bothers me is in the park and pipe. I was hoping to use this board more for FS, but it looks like it will take its place as a FR board in my quiver.

A photographer (Jane Yost) was doing some PR stuff at the mountain the other day and got me on the Legacy:

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Neversummer is quality. I typically base my opinions on boards based on how they stack up to Neversummer models. If you are looking for a freeride board they kill it. I really don't have much experience with their freestyle models.
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