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Fernie, where I'm still skiing today. Started in the early 70's either the 71-72 season or the 72-73 season. Fernie only had 2 t-bars then (but they were each about a mile long) They had about 2500 vertical then, grooming was sparse or non existent and snow was plentiful..... what a great place to grow up!
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Breckenridge about 30 years ago. A beautiful late spring weekend. Lessons all day Saturday and then on Sunday it's a sunny spring day. I didn't know that snow and swimsuit tops went together but by 11 am the gals had their jackets off and were getting some sun. Needless to say I was hooked on snow skiing! Now for the "rest of the story" about an hour later a spring storm blew in, the sun disappeared, the temperature dropped and all the bunnies turned blue! It was still a great first two days on the mountain.
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Elk Mountain, PA, back in 1987. No step-in bindings, you had to reach down and pull the binding up to lock in (which my dad had to do for me, I couldn't do it myself), and leashes instead of ski brakes. It was bitterly cold, and I didn't haven't snow pants, just jeans (parents didn't want to buy much, in case I didn't like it). With all that... I loved it. Couldn't wait to go again, and I still feel the same way.
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Originally Posted by Barnstormer View Post
Resort? Try Maple Valley in Dummerston Vt
It is compared to where I started !

Powder Hill in central CT.
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It was called "Vernon Valley/Great Gorge" which is now Mountain Creek in NJ.
Probably around 1980-Lift, lesson and rentals cost $20.00 on Sat. or Sun.
I remember being pulled over to Great Gorge one year from Vernon by holding onto the back of a tractor inside of a tire! About 10 people were pulled at the same time! That was a lot of fun! Their logo back then was "Why Schlep to Vermont?" Thank God I didn't take their advice. I have been schlepping up to Vt. for the last 25 years!
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Angle Fire resort in New Mexico 13 years ago! Kinda making me homesick. Just pulled up their snow report...22" over the weekend with a 61" base....Why am I here at work????? Need to check into some cheap fares to Albuquerque.....
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First day and first lesson at Boreal off hwy 80 in the Sierras.
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Originally Posted by lloyd braun View Post
my first time was at Ski Liberty in southern PA, 31 years ago.

Ski Liberty, 1977, (so we're a year apart) I went on a Jr High School trip on a saturday. It was cold. I had fun.

I remember the Spademann Bindings vividly: , as well as the Rossi roosters on the tips of the skis.
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Scotch Valley, Stamford NY catskills, 1971. Then it became Deer Run, now an empty mountain.
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Keystone. 12 years old in borrowed skis, too big boots, and blue jeans. F-ing miserable. Rode the pommel up and fell down the bunny hill. Making my jeans a frozen denim hell. Put me off for four years.

Then at 16--Monarch (southern CO). Again, borrowed skis, two size too small boots, blue jeans, and ragg wool gloves. This time though, whiteout blizzard. And no heater in the car for the ride back home (about 90 miles). Oh, the horror of it all. For the next 18 years, I associated skiing with the feeling of bruised feet, numbingly cold hands, frozen legs, and soaked denim.

When I finally wasn't so broke that I could actually rent skis and boots the right size and buy ski pants (the cheapest around, but what a difference), it sure made skiing a lot more fun.
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First skied at Boston Mills/Brandywine in NE OH. First "resort" experience was at Holiday Valley, and I made many trips there during my formative years
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Big Sky about 4 years ago.

Spent the 1st half day comming down the greens, started down the blues on day 2 and came out of the bowl (ok it wasn't very graceful) after lunch.

Talked the wife into taking our honeymoon out there
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I'm a newbie, it seems...

I started skiing 3 years ago. My girlfriend and her family invited me along one day. They worked at Canaan Valley Resort so I got Comp ticket and rental. They showed me the wedge, and how to put on and take off the skis and told me "Go for it" and pretty much left me alone on the mountain. I ended up going 3 times and by the end of the 3rd day I skiied Gravity skidded parallel. Pretty much from watching and mocking the better skiers I saw...

The next year, I filled out an Application to work and underwent training clinics every weekend for half the season. I was intensely trained for about 7 hours a day where I was taught better technique and how to teach children. After about 10 days of skiing I could ski backward down greens and blues. By the time I actually got to teach my first lesson (after countless times shadowing) I was solid intermediate.

I had worked with kids before in a few different situations and was comfortable teaching kids and knew how to make it fun for them while still teaching them.

Since then, I got my own equipment, and progressed to carving. I can handle any groomer at Canaan, Timberline, Snowshoe, and Wisp. I generally only ski Canaan, but I've skied snowshoe and timberline once each, and Wisp 3 times.
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Originally Posted by LexingtonSkier View Post
First skied at Boston Mills/Brandywine in NE OH. First "resort" experience was at Holiday Valley, and I made many trips there during my formative years
I wish i could go to a real resort. i go to mad river mountain in ohio - closest to me. but its not thier fault that they dont have mountains in ohio or any HUGE hills that have a very big vertical drop.
mad river's vertical is 300ft
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I spent a week at Lake Tahoe.

Arrived in Tahoe a raw novice six years ago over Easter.
Skied Heavenly, Sierra, Squaw, Alpine, and Kirkwood(twice).
Came home an intermediate.

The rest, as they say, 'is history'.
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My first skiing took place at Mt Bethel in Hacketstown,NJ, 300' vert with two "high speed" (their quotes not mine) rope tows. Another area we skied was Timberhill. Both areas provided great fun to an 8 year old, my Mom could just let me loose and not worry about where I ended up.
Phil,you brought a name out of the past, Mark Absalom. Do you know what he's up to?
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Mt. Ashland, just off I-5 on the Oregon/California border, in 1965. It had a rope tow, palma lift, two T-bars and a chair.
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Fahnstock, NY

After the obligatory backyard walkaround with my new ski gear (wood Northland skis with bear trap cable bindings and lace-up leather boots), my sister and I were taken to Fahnstock and set loose on their rope tow hill. I think the rope tow had a vertical rise of about 50 feet, max. On my first run I fell, and spent 10 minutes, at least, trying to get my legs and skis untangled. I was 8.

My father was probably off trying to teach my mother, who was then a low end intermediate. My dad was a college skier from the days when you were expected to do Nordic (jump) and Alpine. I think he stopped jumping before I was born, though.

We did day trips to Sterling Forest, Birch Hill and Catamount. Our first big trips were to Mount Snow, which was the first place I ever saw a chair lift. Somehow the snow always seemed to be good, but that may have been because my parents didn't take us when the snow was bad!
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I started six years ago at Ski Cooper, near Leadville, Colorado, where my son's scout troop has their annual ski trip. Ski Cooper was a direct spinoff of the Tenth Mountain Division training at nearby Camp Hale during World War II, which in some sense is the cradle of the Colorado ski industry. It's kind of a cool place to have started, and I still like to ski there.
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Villa Olivia in Bartlett, IL

It was our 8th grade annual ski trip. Villa Olivia is an old trash landfill which they covered with grass and turned into ski hill in the winter and a "country club" the rest of the year. It has 180 vertical feet with the longest run at 1/4 mile. Check out the trail map: http://www.villaolivia.com/mountain.html. A very nostalgic trip down memory lane...
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The first place I went with any real frequency was Calabogie Peaks, before they had snow making equipment. http://www.calabogie.com/winter.asp
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Originally Posted by chuckc View Post
My first skiing took place at Mt Bethel in Hacketstown,NJ, 300' vert with two "high speed" (their quotes not mine) rope tows. Another area we skied was Timberhill. Both areas provided great fun to an 8 year old, my Mom could just let me loose and not worry about where I ended up.
Phil,you brought a name out of the past, Mark Absalom. Do you know what he's up to?
When were you at Timber Hill?

Last I heard Mark was selling magnets, those bio ones.
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The good, the bad and the defunct...

What a fun thread!

As I post this, I am forced to recall that I never skied more than 4 days per season until I was 29, and that some areas are forever lost in my foggy memory.

The earliest I can remember is a place called Sheltered Valley, in Wisconsin. I can no longer find any reference to it, so if it's still in business, it may have a different name. I thought it was quite large, but back then, I was quite small. I vaguely remember a rope tow which sometimes lifted me entirely off the ground.

When I was a senior in high school, I finally had a chance to visit my father's family in Vermont. My uncle got me my first season pass, which, as I stated above, I only used for a few days, but it was so cheap that it cost less than 4 lift tickets. It was for a ski area in Northfield run by Norwich University. It is now also defunct, I believe, which suggests my visits are not a good thing for the long term health of any ski area.

I was living in Michigan by this time, so I was also able to visit (very occasionally) Mt. Brighton, Caberfae, Mt. Holly and a number of others in Michigan. When I went there, Mt. Brighton (in southern Michigan) didn't have anything like the massive 230 vertical feet it has today, but it was growing. They employed bulldozers to make it a little higher each summer. They now have 17 lifts, apparently, but from what I remember, I can't imagine where they put them.

Caberfae (near Cadillac, Michigan) is still with us, sort of, as Caberfae Peaks. I seem to recall rumors of the entire resort being moved to a slightly different location under new ownership sometime back, so I'm not sure of the history or the relationship between where I skied and the current ski area.

When I moved to Colorado, and actually started skiing every week, the place was Berthoud Pass, another defunct ski area - defunct that is, to everyone except dedicated skiers who earn their turns. Back then, it had two lifts, both of them ancient. Despite the limited facilities, it had serious terrain and serious snow. I didn't really know how to deal with either one, but it was a great place to start.
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Caberfae Peaks
Little place known for being a value and actually has some fun hills.

My husband(then dating him) decided it was a good idea to teach me to ski. Still can't believe we survived that experience.:
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Mt. Tom Holyoke, MA
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I started skiing in 59 but we did not see a resort until about 1965. We hiked a lot and rode a snowmobile a lot in those early years. My resort experience was at a little hill called Timberlee Hills near Traverse City Michigan. They only wanted $3.00 for a lift ticket while Boyne wanted to rip us off for $6.00.
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Sella Nevea

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Hartshill, Maple Ridge to McCauley Mt NY

Started skiing through the school ski program in Whitesboro NY. lessons every weekend at a little hill at the Hartshill elementary school playground. You learn to do a snowplow then were qualified to take the bus up to Maple ridge in Old Forge NY. Spent a season there then up to the "big" hill McCauley mountain. I think it was only around 700 vert but it's a kickass little ski hill that had all the terrain needed to get a good skill set. Whitesboro was a suburb of Utica NY. I was on Whitesboro's ski team and we used to practice at a hill right in the center of Utica called Val Bialas, very fun and real convenient. live in Vt now but those were the days.

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From the hills behind the barn to Allegheny State Park. A great leap forward to a rope tow and a Poma lift. Later in college Greek Peak and Song Mountain.
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Originally Posted by Yuki View Post
Truly an experience that would put Deer Valley to shame and indeed, it has been rough on me since trying to replicate the experience.

Belle Mountain, just south of Lambertville NJ and it's awe inspiring vistas of the 100 car parking lot and power line tower will be etched in my soul.

The smell of the wood smoke from the 55 gallon drum they kept burning in front of the office trailer; had a charm and glow unsurpassed by any of those fancy central fire pits like "The Loaf" or other such "pretenders". And if you really wanted to get warm, your car heater was only moments away.

The sound and feeling you had would rival any of John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" crap. The rope tow shredding your cheap gloves as it yanked your shoulder out of it's socket as it wisked you that 190 vertical feet to the summit will never be forgotten.

And .... since it was only like seventy five cents for a student night ticket skiing like every night was an option. And that is how some of us got "good" .... we put a lot of cheap miles on snow night after night.

resort ... ya' killin me heah!

Oh yeah! The food! Mom made a wicked good roast beef or ham sammich, that & a thermos of hot choc with real milk with the car radio on to .... and your .. oops ... this is a family site.

Is Belle Bump still in business. I used to go there in high school 25 years ago. Camelback in PA was my first mountain. The only "resort" where I hiked to the top and beat the lift line. Now I live 5 minutes from Camelback mountain in Phoenix and wonder what it would be like with snow. I suppose if it happens I will have more pressing revelations.
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