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what resort did you go to when you first started skiing

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when you first started skiing what resort did you go to?
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I learned in Pa at Camelback. When i got my in-laws started, I took them to Mt. Snow for a week of lessons.
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started with my elementary school ski club going to shawnee PA, then to Alpine Mountain and finally camelback. Shortly after I started skiing at shawnee my parents bought a timeshare at smuggs, and thats where i got "good"
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Great Gorge (South) in NJ in after school ski club. First trip to VT, Okemo and Ascutney with my cousin's high school. Then some weekends to K-mart with a local shop that ran vans up on weekends. Some day trips to various NJ and PA mountains. Moved to New England and it's all a blur from there although I remember doing a week at 'Loaf as a freshman in college.
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My first time was at Cascade in Wisconsin, followed by lessons at Wilmot in Wisconsin. I had my first time on skis at the end of last season, but this is my first real season.
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Resort? Try Maple Valley in Dummerston Vt
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Saw Creek, Bushkill, PA.

300 foot vertical, 2 ways off the top (claimed 8 trails, really 3 with some cut throughs that are hardly ever open, often just 1 way off the top).
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Sky Tavern, the city-owned hill between Reno and Mt. Rose. It's where the city's Junior Ski Program is operated (or at least it used to be). Once we got up to certain level, they moved us over to Rose. Can't really call either one a resort, though. If it must be a resort, then I really learned at Alpine Meadows.
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Truly an experience that would put Deer Valley to shame and indeed, it has been rough on me since trying to replicate the experience.

Belle Mountain, just south of Lambertville NJ and it's awe inspiring vistas of the 100 car parking lot and power line tower will be etched in my soul.

The smell of the wood smoke from the 55 gallon drum they kept burning in front of the office trailer; had a charm and glow unsurpassed by any of those fancy central fire pits like "The Loaf" or other such "pretenders". And if you really wanted to get warm, your car heater was only moments away.

The sound and feeling you had would rival any of John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" crap. The rope tow shredding your cheap gloves as it yanked your shoulder out of it's socket as it wisked you that 190 vertical feet to the summit will never be forgotten.

And .... since it was only like seventy five cents for a student night ticket skiing like every night was an option. And that is how some of us got "good" .... we put a lot of cheap miles on snow night after night.

resort ... ya' killin me heah!

Oh yeah! The food! Mom made a wicked good roast beef or ham sammich, that & a thermos of hot choc with real milk with the car radio on to .... and your .. oops ... this is a family site.
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Mt Snow was my first ski area. It was in the 50's. I skied Jiminy Peak in 59. First real success was at a place called Willard Mt, north of Troy. That was in 61. Place is still open and producing some great racers.
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Originally Posted by madmanmlh View Post
started with my elementary school ski club going to shawnee PA, then to Alpine Mountain and finally camelback.
I skied at Alpine when it was Timber Hill..two T-Bars and a Poma. It was the ole...My mom will drive if your mom picks up era for me..late 70's. This is when Bob Daniels ran it..Buddy Price was running snow making and Fawn was the liftie. Mark Absolom was in the ski school...and helped us build haybail jumps. Yuki prolly remembers.
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Plumas Eureka Ski Bowl north of Tahoe. This was far from anything resembling a resort however. Two pomas and a rope tow. About 700 feet of ungroomed Sierra Cement. Each year they still have the historic longboard contests there,though it is no longer operational. You might want to check it out at http://www.plumasskiclub.org/. Far from a Tahoe style resort, it was a great place to learn.
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You have me with with misty eyes Phil. Week nights were at Belle but weekends were Timber Hill.

They left lots of cupons at area shops ... as many as you wanted ..

$5 ..... lifts, lessons & lunch

So .... the ski school was run by an Austrian, Ernie (Natur Technuque), then and the race coach was a German (Tony) ... wedel or race were our lessons.

Erwin Mulbauer ... his last words to me (got my draft notice the following week ) ... "Vill I hire you, I haff to hire you; you are eating me out of house and home".
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Bought by Morris County Park Commission this last year, closed for skiing in 1999 or maybe it was 1998, still open for company picnics. Twas a great place to learn.
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Loon Mountain, NH 01/18/2005..
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my first time was at Ski Liberty in southern PA, 31 years ago.
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Craigmeur, NJ.


Yuki's post about Belle echoes the ski experience of Craigmeur.

Then I went to Hidden Valley, NJ. I thought to myself, "Man, this place is huge! And steep!"

Then I went to Vernon Valley (now Mountain Creek) and thought "Gawd, this place is tremendous! It's gonna take me forever to get down!"

Hey... this was all before junior high school.
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Mount Norquay in Banff.
I moved from Houston to Calgary in the summer of 92. Some friends suggested norquay would be a friendlier place to learn than the much busier sunshine villiage or lake louise. Got a season pass that fall.
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Deer Valley,
girlfriend said she rent the equpiment. Lesson were a freebe for being an employee.
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This is a nice, nostalgic topic.

I first went skiing during the Christmas Holidays of 1967 at Blue Knob, Pennsylvania at the age of 14. My earliest skiing memories are of trying to learn how to plow on 5 inches of truly “Tonya Harding” quality boilerplate ice on a beginner trail at Blue Knob. I guess the ice was their idea back then of a durable man-made snow surface. It actually had a blue tint and I thought that’s why they called the place Blue Knob.

For much of the ‘70’s and ‘80’s I skied 25 to 50 days a winter, most of it at Blue Knob, learning about bumps, steeps, ice, powder and a few glades. I’ve skied around the US and the Alps since then, including many mega-resorts, but Blue Knob will always be my point of reference for how tough or cold or good a ski experience can be.
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First lessons at the age of 7 at Cortina Valley. Most of my childhood skiing was at Jiminy and Belleayre. After a decade away from skiing I learned for the second time at Vail. Quite a different experience although Cortina's rope tow will always be a fond memory.
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kool i went skiing for my first time last year. my dad told me about it and i wanted to go. at first i thought about snowboarding but i saw skiing and i wanted to try that instead! So we got my rental and then i went on the lil hill. carpet lift and a rope pully.
That was at mad river mountain in ohio. which is only a 300ft vertical drop... but its fun. thats the only place i have been to, to ski. but now i have season pass this year and unlimited lessons so i can take as many as i want. and so now i am on their blue trails and i have been on one black diamond trail with my instructor. but this isnt a mountain - i live in ohio and its only a big hill but i think its fun. Its better than nothing- or driving hours to get to another resort ...
and i just went there yesterday ( saturday )
And also i want to add -
Out of the resorts you have been to what do you think was the best time you ever had? and what resort would u recomend?
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Arrowhead camp in NJ. Only rope-tow served IIRC.
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I learned to ski in 1968, when I was 4, at Schuss Mountain in Mancelona, Michigan (Schuss is now part of Shanty Creek Resort). I think it has about a 400-foot vertical drop. My parents built what was supposed to be a vacation home but we ended up moving there once it was finished (I guess I was 5 then). We lived there until I was 11, and since Mom was a ski instructor, the bus dropped us off at the mountain after school and we would ski for the rest of the day.

My entire family loves looking at those old ski photos! We wore such fashionable stuff back then. And the ski gear? Well, quite a bit different from what folks get to learn on today!

Our first "real mountain" was in the Berkshires, after we moved from Michigan to Massachusetts. Berkshire East is about three times the vertical drop of the Michigan ski area where I grew up, and my brothers and I thought it was HUGE! We were sure we'd never be able to ski top to bottom! : We eventually "graduated" to the mountains in NH and VT. I never skied out West until I was an adult, but now take several Western trips each year.

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1st time was at Loon Mt. in NH 1987 friends dragged me up there because if you brought a new skier you got a free lift ticket. Didn't really have any ambitions about skiing beforehand , was 24yrs old and had always been afraid of getting hurt. I went to college in North Adams Mass and there was Brodie and Jiminy right next door and never once wentuntil after I graduated. Well I got hooked on skiing at Loon and it changed my life. I have only wanted to ski since. Skiing was the reason I moved to Vermont. I even got my wife to agree to honeymoon in Salt Lake City . Got married on a Feb 29th day in 92 just to time the trip out to SLC. So you could say 1 day at Loon has had major implications in my life and I wouldn't trade that for anything.
P.S. all the friends have not skied since 1992 or 93 even though I have offered them up free room and board up in VT. They are just letting life get in the way.
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First lessons ever--in my early 20s--were night skiing at Catamount. During lesson #5 came the knee injury, and I quit. About 15 years later, thanks to my spunky daughter, I tried it again at Breckenridge.

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The Big M, Manistee, Michigan 1963

The year was 1963, I was three years old on metal-edged wood skis with leather boots and bear trap bindings. Everybody wore hand knit sweaters. The funky chicken was playing on the stereo speakers at the bunny hill. Lunch was oranges, baloney sandwiches and hot chocolate. There was a big round fireplace with a copper hood that everyone put their boots on to get warm.

It was great, it's part of what keeps me coming back. I still get nostalgic for 1963 every time I pull into the parking lot at a ski area anywhere in the US, it's like I'm still in the green chevy wagon we used to drive in and it was cold in that back seat. There is something about the smell of snow in the air and the hum of the lift motors in the morning...

Here is a photo of what the hill looks like today, the lifts went about 30 years ago, but it is still a nordic area...

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Mt. Mcintyre in New Hampshire, when I moved to California, Bear Valley.
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Greek Peek, Dec 1979. I was visiting my college roommate who lived in Binghamton, NY. I'd never skied and had no gear. My kids still laugh at my picture from that day, 18 years old decked out in a borrowed grey sweatshirt hoody "Williams College", jeans, and a look of exhaustion. Buddies "taught" me. Spent the day falling down and picking my self up.
Cold, wet, sore and exhausted at the end of the day I couldn't figure out why anyone would want to ski.

Fast forward 29 years in Telluride. This time right gear and right instructor. I was hooked after the first day. Heading out to Vail on Wednesday and I feel like a kid right before Christmas.
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Chestnut Ridge. Part of the Erie County Parks Dept. Rope tow with about 180ft of vertical. Night skiing, lessons, FREE!

Learned there. Then progressed to the former Glenwood Acres. Now Kissing Bridge North.

My folks did not ski, but got me into it when I was 10.

Never stopped.
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