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NH Skiing Recommendations

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I'm heading to NH for President's Day weekend. I'm staying in Sandwich, NH.

I plan to ski 2 days. I'm a pretty respectable skier and usually like to ski bumps and glades. From what I've read so far, I'm leaning towards Cannon and Loon.

Please share your recommendations for my 2 days of skiing considering conditions, terrain, and crowds.

Also, any recommendations on nightlife options in Sandwich - i.e. live music, brewpubs, etc. would be very welcome!

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Wildcat is really good also. Loon could be (will be) crowded on Pre. Day Weekend but they have excellent lifts that can handle crowds. Keep an eye on the weather, you can get to Sunday River also.

I'd hit Cannon for sure, Wildcat would be second, Loon has great cruising and it will be close to you but will be the more crowded choice. If Sunday River gets snow they have some fun glades and bumps. Have fun.
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NH thoughts

I'd head over to ski Attitash and Wildcat. I ski at Loon almost every weekend and they have no bump runs open yet. Cannon has minimal snow making so they are hurting too. Attitash and Wildcat have great terrain and you are very close to North Conway for food, drink and fun.
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Thanks / Discount Lift Tickets

Thanks for the feedback on the NH ski resorts. I'll have to keep a close eye on the snow conditions at each place.

Another quick question: are there any stores/retailers that sell discount tickets to any of the ski resorts mentioned?

Thanks again.
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President's day at Loon! You are a courageous man...
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Originally Posted by WallyPA View Post
Also, any recommendations on nightlife options in Sandwich - i.e. live music, brewpubs, etc. would be very welcome!

My parents moved to Center Sandwich a few years ago, and I use their house as my "ski lodge" all winter. Depending on where you are staying, (Center Sandwich, North Sandwich, Sandwich) you are probably about equidistant from Loon, Waterville, and North Conway, so not a horrible location to be. It takes us 50 minutes to get to Cranmore, and about an hour to 1:15 to Attitash and Wildcat. About an hour to Loon and Waterville, maybe 10-15 more to Cannon. Bretton Woods about 1:15-1:30.

On to my input, which is about Sandwich nightlife, an oxymoron of sorts! There is very little going on in Sandwich, a large town (geographically) of about 2000 people. There is one main restaurant in town, the Corner House at the corner of 113 and 109. The downstairs is a fancy restaurant with excellent food, but certainly a little more pricey, good for date night! Thankfully, they have added a great pub upstairs with a cheaper menu and pretty good selection of beer and wine. I like this place and I think it's worth a visit while there, open for food 4-10 I think, not sure if the pub stays open later than that. Looks like they have live music on Friday nights through the winter.

Sandwich General store is good for morning coffee and muffins, and also has pizza and sandwiches. Quaint and nice, and cheaper than chain stores, at least for coffee and such. I imagine you are staying in a B&B if not with friends.

In general, we usually stop off on the way home from skiing for dinner, rather than get into Sandwich and have limited options. If you go up 93 from here, Plymouth has some options for both nightlife and restaurants off the beaten track. Jose's is good for Mexican, Lucky Dog is good for burgers and such, also good beer. Plymouth is a college town as well, so the weekend will be rocking there later in the evening, if that is what you are looking for.

If you go up to Wildcat/Attitash/Cranmore areas, I would suggest Cafe Noche, in Conway (not North Conway). As you can tell, it's all about Mexican food for me. North Conway has a lot of restaurants, and they will all be very busy at dinner time

Sandwich has a nice skating rink near the Corner House as well, just a flooded section between boards, backyard-rink style, free to use. There is also enough snow to XC ski right now.
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