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Product: Grit Gardz large

Similar Products used: none exactly similar.
Structure guards from Swix, Rossignol
Ski bags from High Sierra, Sierra Designs, Reliable Racing, Swix
Similar Products on market: Ski Buddy

The problem: you arrive at an airport and pick up an SUV and go to load 5-6 people in it. The SUV has a horizontal-clamp roof rack. Your airline ski bag doesn't fit inside the clamp, and certainly doesn't fit inside the car with the 6 others. What to do, other than leave your skis in the breeze?

That is the problem these are meant to solve. The bags fit one ski each. They are cut to fit tighter around the single ski than the single-ski-pair bags fit around a pair. To get the brakes out of the way, the manufacturer supplies restraining bands. One then slides the bag on sock like (the zipper is only on the back part of the bag) and either locks the two bags together for hand carry or lays each one in a roof rack clamp. Hence the G.Gardz also do part-time duty as a structure guard.

The manual explaining all this was printed in 1996, and that points up the one problem I have with these: they are designed for skis with far less width or shape than are currently used. This is particularly noticeable at the sewn tips; I was able to put a 115mm-tip Fischer with 20mm lift and Look PX12s into the bag comfortably, but the last 10cm of the bag was not very useable as it was sewn too tight. A 175cm modern ski thus fits OK into a size large.