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Colorado Snow...

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Ahhh just a tease Ryan. Indian summer now. But in Colorado that could change in an instant. Let in snow, let it snow, let it snow.
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Seems like the change is on the way. SNOW back in the forecast for the high country. Yipee
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Copper started making snow today! Not long till the resorts start opening.
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I went to bed last night and my brain began showing me all the lines I like to run, and there are many, in the Parsenne Bowl at Mary Jane...all the tracks made last year. I got a huge adrenaline rush and could not get to sleep for a few hours. (sigh)

The snow seemed sub in general all over yet on Berthoud Pass and over WP the weather seemed to do its own thing and snow snow snow. If it is as good again this year this will be another rocking season!

Don't tell anyone! heh heh

PS. Good to see Copper making snow. I have the WP/Copper pass and like to go early season to Copper for cruising on the long, easy runs under the Flyer. Nothing to exciting or sexy but it is gliding and turning and skiing and helps me get ready for the mania to come. Plus, it seems to b sunny there a lot. It's a happy resort.
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astrochimp-I'm just curious, No Eldora?
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