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trip getting closer...where would you go last week of february

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your choices are:
1. utah
2. whistler
3. fernie/kicking horse

looking for expert (steep) skiing + best bet for snow. I know it seems like utah sucking now, but if the pattern changes as advertised...
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If you're asking today for a trip three weeks from now, my answer would be Taos.
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interesting. OK, added to the list. Concern is that it generally is more likely to be dry for a whole week there. but i see what you're saying
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based on current season to date, go to whistler. So far, little rain, good snowpack.
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Whistler. Great snow this year, great terrain, great nightlife and you gain on the exchange rate.

Fernie and Kicking Horse are too unreliable. They either have great snow conditions or ok conditions. They get big dumps with a storm and then nothing for weeks on end. Great hills though with great towns.

If it were my money it would be Whistler....followed by Utah.
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All I know is the weather pattern is changing right now. Whistler is fat but i worry they have rain coming. Fernie would probably besafer in that respect.
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man, you guys just incapulated the difficulty here. one says whistler safe, fernie not safe. the other said vice versa.
All i know well is norcal skiing where its all basically the same. What kind of pattern is good for whistler but not fernie and vice versa? seems to me from just looking at the geography that it'd be basically the same (high snow level at = high snow level at the other). Also its frustrating how american weather maps will just leave the weather off the canadian section, as though the weather just isn't happening there.
Maybe I'm just overthinking this.
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As you know there is no way to forecast the snow so the "safe" answer you are looking for is not possible. What I can share is tha living within 3 hours of Fernie I can attest that Fernie also has rain problems and it's rain line is usually much higher up its mountain. While Whistler's base is at a lower elevation than Fernie, Whistler's summit is nearly 1200 feet higher and offers lots of skiing off of its summit. So, if it rains where do you have a better chance of getting in some skiing? Don't get me wrong, Fernie is great, but when it comes to spending big money to travel from New York I'd go to Whistler.

Besides skiing, if conditions are to be poor, I'd rather be in Whistler as it has a much more vibrant village. Again, while I like Fernie it is limited in restaurants, shopping, nightlife, especially when compared with Whistler.

Since you are an expert skier have you considered heli or cat skiing?

Good luck.
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Just skied Fernie, Wed and Thur. Snow very good and plenty. Steeps everywhere all over the MT. When Fernie lists a double diamond they aren;t kidding it is for experts. Lots of expert and advanced skiing, trees, chutes, moguls etc. Whistlers bigger and moreintermediate stuff and shopping but I really enjoyed Fernie's mountain.
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Or, turn around and fly over that little pond on the right!

Hint: orbitz has flights from JFK to Geneva for under $500! It's 6 hours flight to Vancouver and also 6 hours to Geneva.

That aside, I think everyone is worrying too much about the snow level. I'm of the believe this season is just a little late in getting started. Come March, it may dump all over the world and we'll be skiing all the way into May!
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nah i'm going west.
My current plan is (in case anyone's interested):
1. tahoe (kirkwood) 3-4 days
2. drive to utah, snowbird/alta 3-4 days
3. drive to durango, possibly hit silverton or wolf creek.
4. drive to taos. meet up with dad and sister there.

The only thing I have to do is start at 1 and end at 4. really could do anything in between, try to follow the snow.
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