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Picabo Peaking?

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How could the weather get any better for a ski race?

Temps were fairly cold, there was almost no wind, and the sky was bluer than the Barking Bear borders. We were on the course this morning before sunrise and watched the sky turn pink as we started sideslipping and shoveling.

By 10:00am, the Grizzly course was ready for the second men's training run. We watched from the base of the starting face as these guys just scorched down the first six gates.

The minor surprise was a first-place finish by Frenchman Pierre-Emmanuel Dalcin. Starting in the 30th slot, he skied the course in 1:39.84, nine hundredths of a second ahead of Austrian Fritz Strobl. Stehan Eberharter (the favorite) was third and less than 4 tenths of a second separated first and seventh place.

Austrians placed second through seventh and had eight of the top ten. Tonight the Austrians will decide which four racers will make the cut and get to run the actual race tomorrow (Sunday).

Daron Rahlves started in the 15th slot and finished 16th. Hopefully, he's leaving something in the bag for tomorrow.

The best news of the day for the US, however, was Picabo Street's training run on the women's course (Wildflower). I was able to watch her ski the tough Glacier Bowl section, and she looked very fast and smooth. Volunteer workers were the only people near the course, but there was a loud cheer following her all the way through the race.

Starting from slot thirty, she skied it in 142.16, four tenths ahead of *another* American, Caroline Lalive. Not only that, but Jonna Mendes finished 6th and Kirsten Clark was 9th. Four Americans in the top ten!

The rest of the top ten:

3rd Sibylle Brauner Germany
4th Christine Sponring Austria
5th Michaela Dorfmeister Austria
7th Isolde Kostner Italy
8th Renate Goetschl Austria
9th (tied with Clark) Melanie Turgeon Canada

Hilde Gerg finished twenty first, and Pernilla Wiberg was thirty fourth.

Another highlight of my day was eating lunch at next to Franz Klammer, Franz Weber, and Klaus Heidegger.

So, Sunday is the men's Downhill and Monday is the women's. The men race at 10:00am tomorrow, and the women have another training run at 1:00pm.

More to come.

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Thanks for the update Bob - I didn't get to see this today.

Go Picabo!!!!
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Anyone among the women playing any games by standing up etc. during the training run? I know the men were really racing as the Austrians were holding another qualifying race. Can't help but feel sorry for a bunch of the Austrians, especially Hannes Trinkl, whoo did not make the four member team. Should we change the rules?
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Thanks Bob They had an interview with Daron on the radio He said he was working on something, a new line on the course. But the 16th finish convinced him to go back to what he was doing before.So he may do a lot better In the "real thing."

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