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Quick end to a season

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Did a quite a job on my knee running some moguls. Was making a left turn over the back of one bump and in starting to turn right on the next one my right ski got caught in some soft snow and kicked left and I fell forwards twisting counter clockwise as I fell. One of those where as you start to fall you know its going to be a bad one.

I had a rossi binding with a turntable heel, so the heel twisted out but not before I felt something give on the outside of my right knee. Turns out I ripped the outer muscle running down into the shin, pushed the outside femur ball down crushing the tibia plateau, and had a slight (but the most painful thing) fracture to the knee inside of the femur. No significant damage to the ligaments - the doctor said the bone took most of the damage.

Got my first sled ride. The patrol was practicing with the sled on that section of the hill, but at the start of the run I heard them knocking off for a coffee break, so I got to spend a lot of time looking at the sky.

Had surgery three days after the fall. He built up the compressed tibia area with cadaver bone putting in a plate with screws on the side of the tibia, repaired some (hopefully) minor damage to the meniscus, another screw to the femur, and opened up the muscle sheath in the shin (I think) to allow for the muscle swelling.

My daughter had her acl torn in soccer last year, the the sports orthopedic group in a local city did a great job on her, so we wrapped my knee in ice and drove on down to the ER for the hospital they have privileges at - good thing, even though it took more time I think it was worth it in getting a quick surgery - the ER couldn't do anything anyway, but set up a catscan and consult for the next day.

So anyway, the worst of the pain is over (except for what ever the PT has in store for me). Any general advice about what to do and what not to (except about moguls - at 54 I think my mogul days are definitely over). I'll be non-weight bearing for a while until the tibia graft firms up, and my leg brace is at 100% straight - pretty debilitating but by wife is being her usual angelic self.

One thing to remember - if the nurse asks if you want Torodol or Percoset go with the Torodol. I spent the night after the surgery in a lot of pain with Percoset every 4 hours, and they gave me Torodol just before I left the hospital - I was pretty much pain free for 6 hours after that.
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Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery. Rick.
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Speedy recovery for you. Do what they say to do with PT, and then some. You don't want to lose any ROM (range of motion), if you can help it. Keep moving.

Being non-weight bearing is tough, but you can exercise everything else and find ways to exercise the parts that hurt. Be creative. I'm constantly moving....probably even in my sleep. I've lost 13 pounds so far. Whoop!

Best of luck, and make sure you make that angel feel special. She is, you know.
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Bummer man! Where were you skiing?
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Oooof I feel your pain. where did it happen?
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That's the most embarrassing part, it was at Jack Frost PA near where I live. I would not have minded it so much if I'd done it on one of our Whiteface trips, or if it had been a spectacular yard sale, but I'll never hear the end of this one. They finally blew snow of Floyds the week before last and opened it without grooming it (or not to any appreciable degree). About a quarter of the way down (where I fell) they had built up some nice moguls by Sunday, but the bottom was still a mess.
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Having grown up in the Poconos, I can understand your fustration. It could have been worse..it could have happened at Boulder or even worse..GASP!!!! Blue!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
it could have happened at Boulder
with a song you hate on the speakers.
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