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Skiing Calendar

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I'm looking for a good quality (quality photography)skiing calendar for 2002. I checked at Amazon, they had a Warren miller "Snow Country" and two others I couldn't get a good look at. Does anyone know of a really hot calendar?
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Maybe you were referring to this one:
Ski and Snow Country Calendar
There's also a book by the same photographer, Ray Atkeson. These are all photos that Atkeson took about half a century ago. Very cool black and white photography!
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Ah yes, the all important SKI Calendar. Next year, I am switchng from the "Skiing" Calendar to the New England Ski Museum's 2002 Calendar. Its new this year and features 12 classic French advertising posters. Plus, it is only $13.
Check out their web site at skimuseum.org or tool free 800/639-4181.
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Thanks for the ideas. I was initially looking for "action" shots of skiing, but something more artistic might be nice too.
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