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Hangl Plate Questiom

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I've never owned one but have a chance to pick one up for almost nothing. I'm wondering if anyone has ever used one with a Marker binding or even if they are a reasonable match. Are they only to be mated with Salomon or can anything be mounted on them with good results? Thanks.

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I am fairly sure that any binding will work (maybe not Atomic ), but you real concern should be the interface to the ski. It has to be rock solid since forces are concentrated in a much smaller area.

I love that plate by the way on the AxeCleavers! Makes them feel long and even flexing.
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Thanks Tom.

Do you know how many different models Hangl offers, or do they just have one? I've read that some early models were rather unremarkable. The one I'm looking at has six screw holes located close to the center of the plate. The underside of the plate has a horseshoe shaped ring of rubber attached to both ends. There is also a seperate flat piece of metal about 2/3 the size of the plate with the same hole pattern. Is this new or old? How would this plate work on a 160 sl ski? I'm going to have to act fast if I want this thing so any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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My experience with the hangl underfoot is they over dampen the ski. Also tends to create a sensation of delayed response of the ski at initiation. They've been enoyed on GS skis, less so on shorter SL's. The hangl's were on the extreme end of dampening.

Please consider the joys of new, recent ski technology may be overly dampened by a product that really was never truly embraced.
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The confusing part is that Hangl is the designer name, and the different plates from Hangl really have nothing to do w/ one another.
The original Hangl (or at least the one I remember) had a huge & really squishy piece of rubber, with metal on top. It was more of an extreme carver plate, not really a race plate.
The latest version is a race-oriented plate. It has attachment points to the ski that looks somewhat like the Pilot system.
Anyway, both versions have completely flat, smooth mounting surfaces, so any binding would work. (Although the distributor is Solly.)
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