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This Thursday and Friday I hit the slopes at Wintergreen and Snowshoe. On Thursday I went to Wintergreen and conditions there were fair-good. I state fair, mainly due to the snow guns which were blasting all day taking advantage of the colder temps there. The slopes which were open had overall good coverage, were not so icy, and a bit of sleet-natural snow fell while there, making the conditions even better. With the incoming weather and colder temps over the weekend and early next week, Wintergreen conditions should be good for skiing.

On Friday I went to Snowshoe and conditions there were good. Snow coverage on Cupp Run, Widowmaker and the other "Black" runs was good. Cupp did get somewhat icy towards the end of the day, but conditions from first tracks to mid-afternoon were very good, especially at the far edges of the trails closest to the woods. Similar to Wintergreen, some natural snow started falling on Friday and expectations were to get more snow overnight (4"-6"). The guns were started up as the runs began to close, so more made snow would be put down as well.

Overall, either place for the remainder of the weekend and early next week should have good conditions for this part of the country. Ciao..........