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Music for A Video?

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I'm making a DVD of some video I shot skiing. It's backcountry stuff, a lot of up and a little down and I'm trying to find some tunes to add. As I'm not a music afficionado these days, and have no MP3 player or CD's (yes there are still a few of us out there) I thought I'd go up to itunes or equivalent and get what I want. Now I need some ideas.

Anybody have any thoughts?

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Download songs and see if they "fit" the Video. Trial and Error.
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How about "Born to be Wild" from the movie "Easy Rider"?

.... Something to get your motor running.
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James Gang, Funk 49
Steppenwolf, Magic Carpet ride
Aerosmith,Jamie's got a gun
Allman Bros, In memory of Elizabeth Reed
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Maybe something by the Roots.
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Originally Posted by wew3006 View Post
James Gang, Funk 49
Steppenwolf, Magic Carpet ride
Aerosmith,Jamie's got a gun
Allman Bros, In memory of Elizabeth Reed
Those songs are from 40 years ago.: I am old.
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What do you want,Justin Timberlake?!
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Originally Posted by wew3006 View Post
What do you want,Justin Timberlake?!
Who's that? Super Skier-Chad Michael Trio.
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Your music choice depends a lot on the feel you want for the video. which, in turn, depends a lot on the footage you have shot.

" a lot of up and a little down." indicates to me that you may want somethiing that builds to a crescendo and can build with the climb reaching a climax for the beginning of your descent.

I don't know if it will work, but Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) has a lot of pieces like that. Pink Floyd could also work for ascending and descending.

Lay the track out and cut to the music.

Red hot Chili Peppers?
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This is what I do for a living. Send me a message if you have any questions and I'll try to answer them for you as quickly as possible.
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cool on you to put a video together. Beware iTunes. It is possible that DRM'd music doesn't transfer properly at times. I don't have iTunes, but did used Music Match. It was a pain in the butt. I had to download the music, then burn it to a cd, then re-rip the music back to Windows Media Player (I put it in MP3 format, rather than WMA).

I don't know who put the first song together, but I like it:

post it on Epic.

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Snowpro - nice video and soundtrack!
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Keoki (hi there! Missed you guys at ESA this year, sorry I couldnt' go) -

workaround re: I-Tunes... you won't be able to take a song directly out of I-Tunes for use in editing, but if you burn it to CD you can subsequently import it into your video editing program. I just put together a CD of stuff I wouldn't mind listening to in my truck, including the I Tunes song I wanted to use for editing.

Whatever you use, get something with a strong beat. Makes the editing easier. I've done ski videos recently with Talking Heads "What A Day It Was" and with "Ready To Go" by Republica. Generally I look for high-energy stuff for ski videos although I've seen some nice ones done with jazzier music.

I haven't posted the new "Ready To Go" ski video anywhere, but here's an old self-portrait I did to that song in (I think) 2001. I've posted the "What A Day It Was" Ely video here before.

I'll watch for your finished video - did you see the thread where dchan posted the vid he did from ESA last year? You were the opening shot... there was vid of everybody in our group except Grace... unfortunately she missed the big powder day.


Holy cannoli, snowpro, nice video. Can I be you when I grow up?
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teddybears stockholm-cobra style is a good song that works for most skiing
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"Close to the Edge" by Yes (especially the part before the vocals start)
"Det Som Engang Var" by Burzum
"Lowrider" by War
"Ride of the Valkyries" by Richard Wagner
"Hanging on the Telephone" by Blondie
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R.E.M.-Orange Crush, What's the Frequency, Kenneth?
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