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Opinions on some Rossi's

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I am a used ski skier, always have been, knowing my wife, probably always will be. Right now, I am skiing an old (10 years or so) pair of K2 two's in 188, I enjoy skiing them and they are FAST. But it has come to my attention, thanks to a pair of Volkl energY 320's that a freind of mine loaned me, that they don't turn nearly as easy as some of the other skis out there now. I guess I am somewhere around a level 6-7, my ski are always parallel. I can carve pretty well on the single blacks around here, I ski the doubles, not necessarily well. I don't do bumps, they just aren't my idea of fun. I found a pair of 03/04 Rossignol Cut 10.7 Super R 170's with Salomon C509 bindings. and the price is right for me. I am 5'11" 210lb. Do these skis sound right for me (I know it is a subjective thing)
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BTW, the dimensions of these skis are 107-67-95
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Bump. Anybody have ANY advice?
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i would suggest something a bit more modern, like a Metron 9.
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Wish I could help but I do not know anything about the ski. I checked Realskiers to see if I could find anything on the ski and struck out there also. Here is an Ebay listing for the ski which states that it is an intermediate level ski:


Obviously a ski that old should not cost very much. If you are looking for newer stuff, here are links to two good deals on some well regarded Head skis at a store where I bought my kid and wife some skis (I have no affilation to the store):


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Ok, I found 2 different pairs of Atomics one is a Carv 6:18 in 170 with Tyrolia SL 100 bindings. The other is a Procarv 6:22 in 180 with Tyrolia SL110 ABS bindings. Opinions on how these would work for me?
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What are you looking to spending on skis? What did you like about your old K2s/ a little more info on your size and so on would help. By the way the K2 2 was a pretty weak ski even in it's day it was a very low level ski. That old Rossie Cut I believe wasa ski they produced for the rental market has to be at least 10 years old now. Almost the same era as your K2 skis.
i was down in SLC yesterday and stopped by Levelnine. Good people with some excellent prices on gear They have some older but still new gear at very low prices. Same with Boots boots that are one or more seasons old at big discounts. I'm not talking about just low end boots either. They have a good mix.
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Well, I was looking for something in the 200 and under range, The K2s were fast, and they had more shape than the pretty much dead straight early 90's Rossi's that I was riding. What else do you want to know about my size?
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I gave those Head Lightnings a second look and I am seriously considering them. Next question, which binding, the SL 100's or the SLW 90's ?
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