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Gore Mtn 1/30 - 2/1

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Got to spend 3 days at Gore with a bunch of guys that I hadn't skied with much but the lure of cheap lodging and an excuse to use some of my vacation time sealed the deal.

Tuesday dawned cold and clear. The temps were right around zero but no wind, so very bear-able . Conditions were excellent for late November...unfortunately it was late January. We skied some easy runs to start as we wanted to assess each other's abilities. Most of the other guys in our group were leaning on 60 but skied pretty fast on the groomers so nothing held us back. We skied every open trail on the mountain. The place was just about deserted and felt like our own private ski area. The Adirondacks haven't gotten much in the way of natural snow, but the snowmakers and groomers at Gore have earned their deserved reputation. It started snowing pretty hard at 3 PM so we retired for some adult beverages and dinner.

Wednesday was even colder than Tuesday (-3 to start) but again, no wind. We arrived to find 3" of fluff on top of nicely groomed natural snow. We ripped runs off the gondola until the temp rose to about 10. My face was freezing and my feet were starting to get a little cold, but not overly so. I have Tecnica XT17 boots and they are well-known for being cold, but I would say that they weren't that bad. They leak like sieves though, so I'm on the hunt for boot gloves. We headed to the top of the mountain and skied the soft fluff on well formed bumps for a couple of runs. The old guys protested quite a bit, but were glad that they did the runs on Chatiemac. I told them that you should always ski at least one run per day that humbles you. They were skeptical. There were a few more people at Gore on Wednesday because of the "bring a Coke product and buy one ticket, get one free" promo. Still, nothing like a weekend. We went until about 3pm again, and again, it was snowing pretty good when we left.

Unfortunately, the snow didn't produce the same results on Thursday - no real "powder", but still very nice groomed conditions. The temps were a balmy 15 when we started, so we left a couple of layers in our bags in the lodge. Another day of fast ripping groomers and a bump run thrown in. These were my first 3 days this year, so my thighs and back were complaining and my shins were bleeding and I had to be back in Syracuse by 5 pm so we called it a wrap at 1 pm and headed back.

Overall, Gore was in great shape considering that there was no natural snow on the ground 2 weeks ago. They need a lot more to get some of the steep trails open (Rumor, Lies) but they were blowing like mad on Lies on Thursday. It will probably be open tomorrow (Saturday) but I don't think I'd take decent skis down that trail until we get some more natural.
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Thanks for the TR! We are going to be there Weds, and they are going to get some dustings and a few inched between now and then. I have my fingers crossed!
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