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Conditions @ MRG

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I'll be headed to Mad River with my wife this weekend. I've heard that the conditions are decent, but would like to hear from anyone nearby or that has been there this week to get the 'real deal' on the goods.
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Considering how the season started things are pretty good up there. The upper half of the mountain has a ton of snow but things got pretty scraped off on sunday and tuesday(3.50 day). However thursday night they got 3 inches and they are expecting a foot or so the next day and a half this weekend should be exceptional. Basically they have an ok base now so you put anything on top of it and it skis great. The rocks are lurking but thats a constant at mad. Have fun, I will probably be up there on sunday. I ski with a blue helmet and jacket, Red and black pants and blue pocket rockets.

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Thanks for the scoop, Alfonse.

It's 3:40am, and I'm out the door! If the conditions warrant it, we'll probably stay overnight and ski sunday as well. If it snows some more, we'll see what monday brings!

I'll try to find you on sunday. I'll have a tan helmet and orange goggles. If it were any other mtn, I'd say 'look for the guy with the oldest boots & skis that you can find' but I have a feeling that some of the folks @ MRG can give me a run for the money in that category!

Anywho, the K2 Merlin V's are making an appearance for their 8th consecutive season.
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Will play it by ear for next week. I am scheduled to be there for Friday with a bunch of guys, but might do Stowe. I am waiting to see what the Doc says about my knee anyway.
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I looked for you today JGB but did not see you. But for the record the skiing was awesome today!

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Sorry to have missed you, Alfonse. I know if there's someone around here that could truly show me MRG (at least the parts i haven't been shown or found by myself already) it would be you.

Saturday was a great day. Left the house just before 4am, and rolled into the lot @ 8:30. The car was showing the temp @ 20 and it was a beautiful day. The morning started with about 3" of fresh snow everywhere. There was great snow to be found on all of the marked trails until about 1pm or so. I'm not sure if it's always this way, but I was amazed at the way the mtn emptied around noon for lunch. That meant no lift lines at all for an hour, so I got in the obligatory Paradise run (three, actually and ended up wrapping up around 3pm.

Sunday was good as well - not quite as good as Saturday - but still very nice. We were doing well until about noon, when my wife decided to run into that wooden fence at the base of that mid-mtn double. I even saw it happening before it happened. I ripped into the lift line and it was pretty icy, so I barely made it.. Then I saw my wife trucking along behind me and said to myself: "there is no way in hell she's going to be able to hold an edge and make it". I was right! Fortunately, she wasn't injured, but that pretty much sapped her desire to continue on so we called it a day and trudged home.

All in all, I'm very happy that I made the run to MRG. Took about 4.5 hrs (I can get to Okemo or Mt. Snow in about 2.5 hrs) but it was well worth every second of the 4 extra hours.

We're headed to Vail in 2 weeks, and hopefully conditions will permit another visit to MRG this year.

I've come to the conclusion that if I'm going to drive upto VT to go skiing, there really isn't any point in going anywhere besides Jay and MRG.
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Conditions at MRG ...

reporting in from the Valley ... skied yesterday afternoon and will be going up to the mountain as soon as I get a little more work done here at the office, my desk is about a 12 minute drive from the parking lot, I love it.

Anyhow, skied the upper mountain, 6 or 7 runs on Chute from top to mid-station, also got in one run down Fall Line and one down Paradise.

Conditions, cover is thin in places, natural snow providing excellent edging as the temps have not gone above 20 since we've received our most recent snow. the entire mountain is open and very enjoyable.

MRG has been so well maintained over the last 50 years; rock picking parties and tree grooming that it can get by with less snow than is required at other areas that rely on snow making.

It's snowing lightly as I'm writing this, we'll probably get about 2 inches over the next 6-8 hours with more expected tonight.

come on up ...
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I should be at MRG today if it wasn't for my knee. Grrrrr.
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Originally Posted by madriverskier View Post
...will be going up to the mountain as soon as I get a little more work done here at the office, my desk is about a 12 minute drive from the parking lot, I love it.....
Would you like to find me a job in the area?

I'd kill to live just about anywhere in VT. Beautiful country, bountiful recreation opportunities, reasonable real estate (most areas) and the cost of living is very low compared to my current area..... The job opportunities just aren't there :

I can dream, can't I?
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Freshies At Four
Skied MRG from 1:00 to 4 this afternoon. They got about 4-6 inches last night. The skiing was incredible, the snow had blown in between the moguls, the trees were deep, the bumps were soft and they're calling for a few more inches over the next couple of days.

I worked in the office until 1:30 pm then jumped in car, got to the parking lot, booted up and on the lift by 1:50. Hooked up with a couple of suspicious characters " Hurry up, we're doing runs off the top, we'll wait for ya " so much for working on my wedge turns over on the Practice Slope .... !

Paradise [ skiers left of Single ] provided knee deep cover, coming off the Waterfall into pillows of soft, cranking turns thru the trees, dropping, cranking, sweeping turns, keeping an eye out for rocks and the all present ledges, but that's second nature. The day came to an end, the lifts closed before we had time to sample spreads of undisturbed powder. It was everywhere .... !!!

We were still getting freshies on Fall Line [ the single liftline run below mid-station ] after we caught the last chair and skied down at 4:15. Freshies At Four, amazing. I don't mean just pockets of powder along the edge, no - I'm talking tower to tower acres of fresh stuff ... all ours, dropping in off the ledges, sweeping across the entire trail, soft stuff...

It's been a long wait but we're looking good and things were pretty tasty today up at MRG. If you love New England skiing, come on up ...it's here, it's Back.
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correction .... the single liftline run below mid-station is Lift Line, not Fall Line which is up top and holding plenty of pow for tomorrow... in any case ... good times were had by all.
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Thanks for the scoop. Will be there tomorrow afternoon and Saturday!
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MRG = 8-12 inches in the last 48 hours .....today was extraordinary ... not quit epic, that's coming ... but incredible skiing it was. we were skiing thigh deep down Paradise. Like yesterday everyone was still getting freshies until last chair.
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Ok, I'm sold. I'll get up at 3:30 tomorrow and head up.
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Hell, I may come over....
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Originally Posted by madriverskier View Post
but incredible skiing it was.
Just got back and have to agree. Funny, at the top of the single, it was posted that the woods are not recommended. But, as it turns out, the woods were unbelievable. Buckethead showed me New Frontier off of Lower Antelope, and I'm still grinning thinking about it. I don't know how I can go back to skiing Belleayre and Hunter after the last two days of heaven.
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Well... Yesterday was definitely worth the trip. Left the house at 4am for the 2nd Saturday in a row which allows me time for a gas & coffee stop and I still roll into the lot @ 8:30. Tons of snow & the trees were fantastic. Unfortunately, I had to drive home last night and skip skiing today...
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Grrrrr. Not listening.
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Don't worry, Phil. The season's just getting started up there. There will be epic days ahead. Rest up that knee!
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Lake Effect?

How much of that lake effect stuff is making its way to MRG?

You know they have a deal for Feb. 14th where if you kiss your sweetie they will give you a ticket for $ 29?

I'm considering, except that if it's my wife I will probably have to kiss her other cheeks. :
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Anyone know if the mid-week snow that is forecasted for Southern New England is supposed to head thru VT? Supposedly we're up for some serious snow on Wed/Thurs. I'm flying to Dallas on Wed & back on Thursday for work, but if VT gets dumped I'll probably hop JetBlue to Burlington from JFK instead of going home - if I can figure out the logistics of getting my skis and stuff to Burlington. I guess I could leave my gear in the car in Long Term Parking, and give myself 2 hours between flights and go get my stuff... Hey that actually sounds like a good plan. The hard part will be deciding between MRG and Jay. I've been a Jay advocate for years (and still LOVE the place) but it's really starting to get too crowded and way too Canadian! I've had an absolute blast @ MRG the past two weekends. One more dumping and it'll be nirvana @ Mad River
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Central VT is calling for heavy snow wed. ending on thurs.
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Bet conditions are close to epic, now.

Eh, Phil?

In all seriuosness, how is the knee coming along?

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today .... deep snow everywhere, people are stoked ... everyone was pumped, as I was riding the single this morning howls of delight were coming from the woods and trails left and right, snow falling so fast and thick, tracks were covered the next time around.

this morning I finally got to do Lower Antelope with only a track or two before me, had to let someone beat a trail out on the long traverse.

later had pow coming up over my shoulders as I sampled the best of MRG on Paradise and FallLine. Glen Ricky was a sweat fest, LiftLine was a delight.

All in all and epic day at MRG and everyone knew it, lots of smiles all around.

Life is precious and today at MRG we all had a chance to experience the very best of MRG, Vermont and skiing but most of all Life.
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I made it to VT

I'll critique the goods myself tomorrow!
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Originally Posted by jgb View Post
I made it to VT

I'll critique the goods myself tomorrow!
I am expecting a full report soldier.
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I've probably skied MRG around 50 times over the years, and I've seen lots of hairy conditions as well as some really incredible stuff. Back about 6-7 years ago, there were 2-3 winters of awesome snow, and I had some phenomenal days there.

Today was by far the best I've ever seen at MRG. It was pretty damn chilly but I didn't notice one bit. I got a great workout working turns on my skinny skis (it's really time to do something about that...) in a ton of snow. I'm headed to Vail in two weeks, and I doubt it will be able to compare.

I never ski on holidays, but I'm making an exception and heading back up on sunday. If people don't get out there and ski this stuff...well, it's your own fault!

Anyone have some mid-fats to sell?
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Was it crowded? How were the lift lines? I'm debating MRG vs. Jay for Sunday-Monday.
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Just got back from skiing Mad River Glen. Absolutely unreal conditions. Most snow I've skied on the east coast. Powder up to the thighs in some places. Definitely glad I listened to Philpug and PaulJones and chose today to experience it for the first time. Crowds weren't too bad. The most we ever had to wait for the single was 25 minutes around 1:30, but other than that it was 10-15 minutes tops. And with the workout we were getting, the wait was a welcome rest.
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Originally Posted by jgb View Post
Would you like to find me a job in the area?

I'd kill to live just about anywhere in VT. Beautiful country, bountiful recreation opportunities, reasonable real estate (most areas) and the cost of living is very low compared to my current area..... The job opportunities just aren't there :

I can dream, can't I?
Plenty of jobs..you just would have give up the Fairfield, Ct lifestyle and accept the Vermont lifestyle.
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