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Libertarian Ski Resorts, where are they ???

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Ok, I need some input from you guys out there. I'll be moving back to the mountains soon and looking for a place where rules and regulations have not run amuk. I've had it with speed zones, bull horns, ski patrol traffic cops, over zelous local liability legislation...etc...etc. Well, I think those who relate will get what I'm talking about, I'm looking for freedom, not safety and protection.

Anybody skiing at a place like this? Could you tell me about it? Thanks
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Who is John Galt? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I would move to Europe, where you can ski anywhere, or Leadville,Co, which has consistently elected Libertarians to their government. Ayn Rand forever!!!LOL
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Those things you don't like haven't been apparent to me here in northern Vermont. Maybe it's Vermont. Maybe it's I. Maybe it's you. Chill.
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Get in touch with MAXIMUS- .
He's of the same mind- that nothing here in the US is worth a damn, so maybe Europe will suit you.

By the way- I found out the the Skier Safety Act is also the law in UTAH, so don't plan on going there. They might one day decide to enforce it as well. It has been enforced almost as often as the single time Colorado's has been enforced.

So better watch yourself! And good luck finding a new home in the hills. :
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And the only question you will have to ponder is if your Navigator needs a lift ticket too! Hell, if I wanna get drunk and drive it UP the hill, well .... I just wanna do it.

After spending abour six months with the Libertarians, I realized that I couldn't tell a Libertarian from an anarchist.

I've always been an easily confused lad .... :
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There were pleny of libertarian ski resorts around. Unfortunately, with no government there were no roads to them, few airports, no safe drinking water, no currency, and the only courts that could enforce contracts were taken over by religious nuts with automatic weapons. Afganistan was basically yur libertarian paradise until the US bombed the place.

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If you want to read a satire about libertarianism gone to extremes, check out the book Jennifer Government!
Making it vaguely ski related: One of the characters loses his job, and decides he wants to go to New Zealand {which is now under US rule} to learn to ski. But the dumb travel agent sends him there in the middle of the US winter! He gets recruited by the NRA, which is now a traded commodity. Whilst practicing NRA training exercises, he keeps thinking "THIS IS NOT SKIING!"
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If you want no rules (reckless w/o responsibility) go backcountry. If you want to use the public ski resort you have to live with the rules.....
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Get a pair of Freerides and start skinning.
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the days of freedom in this country are long DEAD. Individual rights are a thing of the past. Our elected officials each have a copy of the Constitution printed in their toilet bowl and each morning derive great pleasure from pissing all over it.Soon, we will all have a government gps unit stuck up our ass so we can be watched 24/7.
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Back on Topic now, to actually answer FastMan's question...

Jay Peak - only a couple slow skiing signs at the base area (pretty reasonable since that's all novice terrain. Remember we Libertarians are not lawless folk, just folk of less laws)

Magic Mountain - a closed sign means "thin cover." That's all, nothing else.

Burke Mountain - no slow skiing signs because it's owned by a prestigious racing school, and the usual "ski wherever the hell you want" policy. Unnamed glades (stashes) are marked on the trail map, but unmarked on the mountain and are NEVER closed. Like Magic, a rope means "Thin cover." Second highest average snowfall in NE at about 305" a year.

Saddleback - Rangeley, Maine (home of the Original "Road Kill Cafe")... need I speak further? P.S. don't forget the flannel, and the soft cambered skis, cause the powder lasts and lasts.

Big Squaw Mountain - Greenville, Maine (on Moosehead Lake). Super Low Prices, almost no snowmaking (with 301" of snow in an average year they don't need it), and an all volunteer ski patrol that seems to be tailgating and grilling fresh kill more than patrolling the mountain. P.S. note to all... I friggin LOVE this place.

Ski Plattekill - western Catskills, 300" a year, they don't even OWN a snowcat, just a heavy roller (like those used in paving roads) to smooth out their ONLY novice run. 1,100' of vertical that has no runout. All lift tickets around $30 or lower (I think). Oh yeah and they don't make snow. And you all thought Mad River Glen was a throwback... hahahahaha... not even close to Plattekill.

Mont Edouard - Sanguenay Fjord, Quebec. Libertarian run, communist owned. hahahahahahaha. Bada$$ skiing though
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I didn't know Burke gets that much snow. So, you are saying it's worth checking out, eh?

How about Sutton? Been there? I'm intrigued, may have to Czech it out soon.
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I make my own rules wherever I ski. I am not shackled down by the oppressive rules of the man. I just use common sense.
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Try Argentina .
You can do what you want out of bounds at your own risk .
Within the resorts ,if it's not crowded ( that means 70% of most areas ) you can go as fast as you want .
check my photos clicking at http://geocities.com/extremeveteran
Just buy good avalanche equipment , wax and sharpen your skis and come here in a few months.

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Don't figure on Mt.Bachelor,Or. Alright pull up a chunk of the curb as@hole. I've been informed twice to ski slower on the blue runs. Even when no one's on the run. I mean how fast can an old guy go on 150's.
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Interesting topic!!

Not many real answers so far though.

If you want a 'rule your own turf' attitude, you might look into areas around Libby, Montana or Pinedale, Wyoming. Both of them have an autonomous attitude in the community, but are being invaded by lazy aristocrats as you read this!#*&@?!

Oh well, at least they both have great potential terrain for a person needing outdoor entertainment during those cold winter months.

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Thanks to all who provided constructive feedback. Glad to see that there are still a few independent free spirits left out there!

I've noted your suggestions and look forward to exploring them. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Please continue on with feedback on this topic folks, I'm sure there many out there who would find this type of info useful in deciding on a place to live or vacation, either as a place to go if you detest all the rules and restrictions, or as a place to stay away from if your one who finds security in them.
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IMHO, any resort that TAXES lift tickets can not qualify as Libertarian. Perhaps election day should be moved to April 16th....
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You want real possibilities...
A list of resorts which may meet your criteria

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