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Trying out skiing soon

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Hey all,
I'm from Western MA (5 mins from VT and NY state borders). I'm a recreational snowboarder and I'm looking to try skiing. I would like some input on what type (straight/shaped) and what length skis I might try. I'm 5'8" 150lb, athletic, but I've tried skis for one, single run and they were very long straight skis. The skis worked fine, but a few people mentioned that the skis were 'way too long' for my weight/experience level. I am really looking to get an accurate representation of how fun skiing is, instead of borrowing improperly sized equipment. Any input on what type/length I might rent next time out would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to Epic Neal

Just rent the new "shaped skis" at the area you choose and be honest with them about your ability . Shaped skis are much easier to turn and will probably be the only skis they rent today.

VERY few folks use straight skis anymore . The rental shop at teh hill will also adjust your boots and bindings according to your age , weight , ability etc


They will put you in a size that is appropriate but i'd guess 160-170 cm in length, however if you are brand new to the sport they might go closer to 160 ,
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Originally Posted by Warp daddy View Post

VERY few folks use straight skis anymore . ,
Totally wrong, Dude you have to go get some straights nice and long too maybe like 200 and if you can find them those leather bindings all the cool kids are using them. They never pre release.
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take a lesson; let the instructor know you're a snowboarder. snowboarders learn to ski really quickly. (but use shaped skis).
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in simple terms ...

going to a hill and using straight skis would be equivalent to getting an old skeg board and sorrel boots to learn to snowboard.

the major difference between snowboarding and skiing is in relation to stance.

have fun,
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