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Ski Length

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I live in Florida...ski a couple times a year, usually out in Colorado. Was wondering what the big deal was with the length of the ski. I've skiied 180's, 175's, and 170's and have felt the most comfortable on the 170's. I know I gave up speed for more control and I was fine with that. But everything I've seen on this site and others is that I should be using at least 180's. I'm 6'3 205, 25 years old...nothing big, mostly groomed trails I ski on for right now. Hoping someone could provide me with the info.
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Scant information, but from what you gave, at your weight, I'd look for an intermediate ski in the low 170's.

Skiing goomers ..... well, groomers come in a few flavors .... easy greenies to screaming blacks.

Where you fit in terms of ability on the PSIA scale is one of the components left out and that will dictate what ski.

Are you thinking of buying skis or just looking to demo or rent?
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Where can I find this scale?
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Check the general forum, I just did a "bump" on it. If you use the search engine, you can find many of the often "hotly contested" merits of the system in any number of endless threads.

The type of ski that you choose should factor in a variety of issues:

- Where you will be skiing most and how often.

- Your personal level of dedication regarding where you want to be in say, two years.

- Physical factors.

Be wary of what shops try to push on you. Look at where you are skiing and who is commenting on the gear. It's a rare moment that I comment on skis for powder (here in the east it's mostly in my dreams), how often you will ski in those conditions? If I was going to fly out to someplace our west for the week hoping for "fluff", I may drag my SC's with me fully ready to rent a high level ski if a powder dump was going to happen. I have done that on a few occasions and it sure beat putting down the big $$$$$ for a ski that would become a "garage queen".
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According to that scale I would be a level 5 I believe. I am looking for something I could use on the sludge/ice of the east coast and the nicely groomed trails of the west. Right now, or for the next couple years, with the amount of time I would be able to ski I don't see myself being good enough to make the step to the blacks. No desire to do moguls so there out too.
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Get water skis!!!
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