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Volkl Allstars in the bumps?

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I just bought some 175 cm Volkl Supersport Allstars. I bought a little impulsively as the price was great because they've been used once or twice.

I'm trying them out this weekend for the first time at Killington- I know they're incredible on groomers, but what can I expect in the bumps? Thanks,

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I ski them in 175 and I don't know that you will love them in the bumps. I went to the Supersport from race skis so they felt somewhat more forgiving, but they are very very stiff skis. I am not a bump skier and would rather carve all day then ski bumps. But I take mine in the bumps fairly often and find them tolerable.

So I guess the answer is you won't like them in the bumps, but you won't hate them either. They will give you average performance. Great ski though!
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I agree.

If you're bump technique isn't very good I think they'll kick you around a bit. Otherwise, they're manageable.
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Great hard snow carver but if you make a back seat mistake in the bumps, it might just drop kick you into next week.

Well........at least the day after tomorrow.

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I'm haven't skiied many differnt skiis, but the Allstars are big fun up to a few inches of snow, including bumps.
IMO better in bumps than my current other skiis (5-Star, Metron MEX, T3 Power) . I tend to get "in the backseat" when I get tired, the Allstars are more forgiving than the 5-Star or T3.
I've got last years Allstar 168.
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Just upgraded my 04 5 Stars to new 07 Allstars in a 168cm. I ama 57 year old 5'9" 180lb. strong skier. The bumps at Stratton on Saturday were large and soft with ice patches in between due to 5 inches of wind-blown new snow.

And the Allstars certainly allowed me to ski them with more control than did my 5 Stars. No ski skis well if you are on your back seat. IMO, the Allstars do it all and are a great ski for we easterners. They made my two days at Stratton a real fun time.
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If you're a good bump skier the Allstars will work fine in the bumps. If you're not they won't....
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Allstars work ok in bumps not great. Way too stiff and too much edge hold for zipperline stuff unless you're a freak. But very manageable.
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I can ski bumps equally poorly on absolutely any skis. From what I've seen, my coach at ESA Aspen can ski bumps quite well on any skis.

A truly expert skier can ski any skis in the bumps - it just depends on how fast. If you're a dedicated bumper, maybe think about a pair of skis made for the task. Otherwise, don't worry about it. Skill, conditioning and technique are the answers to most skiing problems.
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P.S. At ESA Aspen I skied Volkl Allstars at 160 something cm in the bumps. After ESA, I stayed on a few days and tried out my longer, wider Volkl AC4s in 170. Giving due credit to rested legs (OH how they cried for rest), I found that the wider, longer skis actually made me feel more confident in bumps. Keep in mind that when I ski bumps the way I prefer, it's like watching paint dry - nothing happens very fast.
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