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It's snowing!!! Woo hoo

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Supposed to be the biggest storm of the season according to 9News. They are calling for 1-3 feet up in the mountains. Maybe 6" to 1' here in the big metropolis of Lafayette by mid-Friday. Anyone want to carpool up to Loveland on Friday? I promise - no hardcore science discussions and the CD player may play something other than Buffett or James Brown.
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What are "spring conditions" like in Colorado's ski resorts? I'm tempted to take a little trip at the end of this month. Is May 2nd the closing date for Loveland or they'll keep the resort open a little while longer in view of this new snow storm? Just wonderin'....
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First of all I would guess their closing date is firm.

A-Basin is just a few miles away, equally good skiing, and they will be open.

I've been at Loveland three days this week. The conditions are very good. In places there has been a slight freeze thaw cycle, however, this storm will cover all that up.

XX Boarder I'll P.M. you
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Just got a confirm on May 2nd being the closing date at Loveland. I think I'll be there that weekend... I need some cheap lodging ; any ideas on hotels, motels in the area, somewhat close to Loveland?
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Georgetown offers the closest lodging options to Loveland. Here is the lodging link from their website.
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The Spring closing date for Loveland of May 2 is firm. Be at the top of Lift 1 between 3 - 3:30 to see the interesting closing day entertainment. Loveland's version of the Crested Butte follies of old. May 3 will be Employee Day at Loveland. The Mtn will be closed to the public. You can always drive over the pass and ski/ride at A-Basin.

There are some inexpensive lodgings and great bars in Georgetown. Silverthorne offers the ever cheap AlpenHutte Hostel/lodge. You can get cheap private rooms there. Be sure to pet Harley the resident Lab. The Rec Center is across the street so you can go soak in the hot tub there.

Conditions were great Saturday at Loveland. I missed Bob Barnes and Rusty Guy by a hair in the lodge. Terry and Mark said they talked to you guys about doing some clinicing next season. I was switching outta my ski gear and putting on the snowboard gear in the locker room. First time had the skis on in a year and I sorta embarrassed myself in front of them. Redemption came on the snowboard.

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Snowing hard on Monarch Pass. 2 feet so far. Calling for up to another foot by tommorow. Looking like a sick weekend downhere. Going to fire up the sled and run amuck in the Cat area at Monarch tommorow.
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CAIC is having their annual Spring Corn Harvest Festival this Saturday at Loveland. $20.00 gets you access to the BBQ and is your donation to their tireless efforts. This year's Harvest is looking more like a Pow Fest : [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

...see you there. I'm skiing Pocket Rockets a la Hammerhead bindings and Scarpa black and yellow boots. Give a shout and let's make a run or two on the Ridge! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I am so jealous. [img]tongue.gif[/img] Here I sit in my cornfield that's starting to sprout and you all in CO have snow. Second year in a row that I'm kicking myself for not insisting we go skiing after spring break.

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post #10 of 22 of 2:00 pm today, Loveland is reporting 12" new in the last 48 hrs and another 15" is expected tonight.
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How do I block Pinhed???
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See'um and weep. Even the lifties got to ski.

I didn't get to enjoy it either. As confirmed by throat culture today, now two new nasty bacterium have set up residence in my throat. Neither is streptococcus a. this time. Come on Zithromax! I'm going tomorrow.
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It was fun!
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WOW, That was AWESOME!!!!! What a change from last weekend. The Ridge/Chair 9 was great except for the breeze and semi-flat light. I hope everyone got the chance to peruse Super Bowl and Jelly Roll before they got tracked up. Nice pow and outta the wind. My legs gave out at 3:30. It was snowing when I left.
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XxBoarder, you lucky dog!!!!

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snowing today w/ last weekend at loveland. should have a nice cover for some smooth skiing and possible powder stashes !

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if you can make it to loveland or abasin this weekend, it should be great. may have firmed up, but definitely great conditions for may ! i'll be up at loveland with my red "Houston Cougars" sweatshirt on for any bears looking to buy someone beer !
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I'll be up Sunday and Monday at Loveland. I'll be wearing my gray 1983 Championship NC State T-shirt, NCSU - 54 , Houston - 52 if anyone wants to discuss old basketball games over a beer. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Hard to believe that game was played over twenty years ago. Or, it's been that long since college. :
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ok, well i didnt see you; but i definitely wasnt going to re-live that again no matter how many beers you buy ! :

pretty good conditions for may though !
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Sorry cougar,

It was a nice day. I spent it mixed between partying in Ptarmigan Roost cabin and Chair 9.

Monday was great too! Employee Day was a complete sucess. Free breakfast, free skiing from Chair 1 for 2 hours then free food and booze. After everybody had a decent buzz it was time for the annual Snow Golf Tournament. I chose a 7 iron. At the first tee, I sliced pretty bad and hit the ski lodge. [img]redface.gif[/img] At the second tee, I hit a Ski-Doo and the ball landed underneath it. At the third tee, I sank it right in the middle of some spruce trees. I did manage to get the best ball by the 9th hole. We finally got snowed out and left for home. One guy did tele ski and golf the whole day in a kilt. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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XX Boarder,
Thanks for the nice photos of Loveland. I made my one and only visit there this past December. Really liked the place. It helped that we had gorgeous weather, although the snow pack wasn't optimal. Highest I got was chairs 2 and 4. Still, a real fun place with no crowds and maybe the chance to experience chair 9 will bring me back someday. Some of that Summit Ridge terrain doesn't look too steep, but I know photos can sometimes be deceiving. Do you know which chair has more vertical rise 2 or 9? FYI:
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Yeah, the photos don't do that terrain justice up Chair 9. I need a better camera with better lenses. Chair 2 has less vertical rise and is pretty easy terrain except for the South Chutes. Chair 4 is steeper than 2. Chair 9 definitely is steeper though it depends upon what area you launch from the ridge determines the degree of steepness. Where I took the pictures it actually is pretty steep but the camera just can't pick up where it just drops off below. Primer bowl is the easiest and working your way over to Porcupine it gets progressively harder/steeper. There are big rocks scattered in there that you have to miss too. You don't see those in the pix. The masochist's head to Patrol Bowl going to the right from the top of the chair. There is however Rookie Road, it is a blue trail that comes down from the right too. Anyway you go about it you are at 12,700 ft and hiking can leave you breathing hard.
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