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Shin Splints Help

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I know this isn't as serious as some of the other threads but it has been bothering me lately. So two years ago after about 35 - 40 days of riding I got pain in the outer front side of my shins so bad that it was difficult walking up the stairs. I wrote it off as shin splints and a month later when the season ended they gradually went away. Last year skied 70 days and had zero problems. This year due to my job and my car dieing on me I have only skied 10 days, 8 in UT and 2 in PA and once again my shins are killing me. Any ideas ?

I am in good shape and go to the gym and surf in the offseason, all of my equipment is the same and my skiing has not changed drastically so I don't understand why this happens. I don't know if this helps but I am 6' 175lbs and ski park alot, like three to four hours everytime I'm out.

Thanks in advance
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Could be your boots, so go to your bootfitter and have him take a look. I had a similar problem and had some work done on my boots, with great results.
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Some very anecdotal evidence here so take it with a grain of salt ..

That kinda shin splints only happens to me on the road bike, especially climbing.. Running shin splints happen on the inside of the shin..

Talking straight out of my a$$ here.. I cant quite see Skiing causing shin splints as the repetition factor, displacement and impact seem pretty low. Skiing might be one aggravating factor and any kinda impact sport might be your actual reason. Orthotcs for your feet might help..
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I have to agree with coug I dont see how skiing could cause shin splints. I use to have them all the time when I ran 15-20 miles a week. It was always on the inside of my shin and was so sore it hurt to the touch.I just toughed it out for years because there's not much that can be done for it.Now I run about 10 miles a week and I dont get them anymore. Maybe thats a bonus for getting older and pushing myself as hard.
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