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Hello NoreFjell.

I lived in Norge for 4 years. Skied NoreFjell when I was a kid. Just wondering if you had a similar experience. Norway is a skiing paradise!.
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Greetings, good to hear from someone who has enjoyed this fabulous mountain. I last skied there in 1970 and it is a lot different now. My old ski racing firend is now running that resort, and I visited him this summer. They continue to develop that mountain and I hope to ski there again. Lots of vertical and challening terrain.

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I was just a kid, but last skied there in 1980. I remember some STEEP T-bars. I always like to hear about it when the World Cup visits there. Daron Rahlves beat the Hermannator there last season.

I lived outside of Oslo within walking distance of Holmenkollen. After skiing all day up around Frognerseteren I could ski through the woods and along road all the way home....sigh...
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Haven't been at Norefjell (is that near Lillehammer?) but I've skied Trysil alot, it's great!
This season I'm coming to your side of the Atlantic for the first time. I'm really looking forward to Fernie!! After I decided to go there I saw that there will be a meeting there, cool!!
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Ive been to Sweden three times but never to ski. Can you tell me when the best time of the year to ski (alpine) is? I know of Are. What other places could you recommend?
Thank you.
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I sure remember the steep T-bars. They are long gone now. Relative to the World Cup, they do not visit Norefjell. At the moment the only site they visit is at Kvitfjell which is just north of Lillehammer. They ski both Downhill and SG there.

Relative to skiing in Northern Europe, the spring (March-very early April) would be one of my choices.
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I would say the best time to ski in Sweden is late March.
As for other places then Åre, there aren't that many other places to go to, there are many resorts, but the mountains are small... There is a really cool place called Riksgränsen. It's a VERY small system, but the off-piste is great if you're willing to hike a little. It's so far up north that the season runs from late March until mid-June. (no glacier) During the summer you ski during night, under the midnight-sun!
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Thanks for the information!
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Ah, I was sure they said Norefjell, but suppose I was wrong. I did ski Kvitfjell too, but only once and don't remember it at all. I really wanted to 'go back home' for the Olympics, but didn't get a chance to. I miss Norway.
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