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Tahoe area assistance

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I’ll be in Reno for a couple of days at the end of February and going to stick a round for a couple of days to get in some skiing. I skied Heavenly 2 years ago and had a great time. I was leaning towards Squaw Valley this time (something different & closer to Reno)

Having read numerous posts about the lousy snow conditions in the Tahoe area, I thought I would seek out a little advice. I’m a solid intermediate who loves to carve up the groomers and hit the bowls for a couple of runs. I am also interested in taking a lesson to get me over the hump so-to-speak to the “expert” level.

Let me know what you think about Squaw Valley and/or alternatives in the Tahoe area. Keep in mind lousy conditions out west are still better then skiing the mid-Atlantic hills this year.

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Northstar for lots of intermediate terrain and groomers. Roughly 45-60 min from downtown Reno, depending on weather, traffic, etc. (About the same to any of the North shore resorts.)

REI in Reno has discount tickets to Northstar and many other Tahoe resorts; buy at the REI counter, redeem at resort ticket window.
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Haven't you heard? It's gonna snow like hell in the next 2 weeks. Lotsa snow a comin! Why not go to Sugar Bowl and take a lesson from DCHAN?
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If you are in Reno for only a couple of days, Mt. Rose is your best bet.
It is the closest to Reno and they have some nice cruising runs.
When Mt. Rose opened up “Chutes” a few years back, it became one of the premier resorts imho.

If you are there in the middle of the storm cycle, when upper lifts at most LT resorts are likely to be on stand-by mode, Rose usually sucks then - no visibility, I'm with El on NorthStar – the most sheltered of them all. I also believe they give out free-lesson/tour noon every day. NS has ton of groomed runs, heck they even have groomed/shaped mogul runs. Powder skiing at “Lookout” side of the NS isn’t bad either.

If you are intermediate who seeks groomed runs, Squaw is the last resort I’d consider.

I will be in LT toward late March. I sure hope conditions improve by then.

…Have fun!
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If you like groomers and tree cut skiing ala east coast style go to northstar or heavenly. If you want to see what west coast skiing is all about- squaw, alpine, sugar bowl,rose and don't forget kirkwood. All these resorts are super legit in their own way.

Stay abreast of conditions. Currently rose is totally bare, i know pass holders that haven't bothered with it in weeks. ALpine and Squaw is the best off piste right now. And northstar is the best groomer skiing. But I think things may change rapidly.

Tahoe Ski Report
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Thanks for the insight, especially the REI ticket option for Northstar. I think I will definitely hit up Northstar and may check out Squaw on the 2nd day.

Does anyone have any lodging recommendations close to Northstar? I'm looking for nice accommodations (priced reasonably, of course). Otherwise, I may stay in Reno and do the drive.
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You would enjoy Northstar. REI ticket discounts require REI membership - at least in Cali.
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