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what's the best instruction book/dvd

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Is it harold herbs guides or some other books that offer better instruction? What's the bears take, I'm an advanced skiier looking to step my game up to the next level! Let me know what you guys think because DA BEARS haven't let me down yet!
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I believe that Harold Herb authored a book in the 1970's about the advantages of skiing under the influence of a 5 leafed herb (it reduced muscular tenseness). However, all known copies of this book have gone up in smoke.

Harald Harb has written several books on skiing that you may find useful.

Trying to get everyone on the Internet to agree on the best skiing book is kind of pointless. If you go to the instruction forum and search for threads with the word "book" in the title, you will be able to see comments from the peanut gallery about many of the ski instruction books that have been published. Your opinion may vary.
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"Best"? Nonesuch.

Lots of good books have been discussed over in the technique forum. Harb's books get discussed a lot. So do Ron LeMaster's, Weems Westfeldt's (click the link at the bottom of this page), Eric and Rob DesLauriers', Mark Elling's, and others. Not to mention the classics. And even the SKI Magazine instructional pages.

It would be more helpful to know what you're seeking to learn, first.
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Not to hijack the thread, does anyone know any good freeskiing/jumps/rails books?
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Further hijacking

What about instructional DVDs. Modern technique...powder, steeps?
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No, but this link might be helpful.
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you cant learn to ski from a book.
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No but you can improve you're ability to teach. Using methods that are time tested and known to work makes sense.

I would be interested in methodology for beginners up to intermediates. PSIA must have some great manuals. There are probably teaching systems out there that would help, too.
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a book can introduce concepts that one can work on-mountain. some authors are very effective at this, others less so.
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I learned stuff from Dan DiPro's book. Simple things that were helpful.
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Well based on the e-mail I just got from Amazon.com....

Amazon.com recommends Harald Harb's Essentials of Skiing (Includes Free DVD) and more
I'm still confused as how I got that. I guess Amazon.com hasn't read many of my posts here...

I ordered Dan's mogul skiing book last year, maybe that's how they pegged me....
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resistance is futile.
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Funny-4 days ago i received two amazon books in the mail-Lito's most recent revision of break Through on New skis and H. Harb's essentials of Skiing-I'm reading them side by side-and have had one day to practice some of the drills.

Those are both excellent books-honestly though the concepts (and even most of the 'Jargon") are the same-I'm preferring lito's Book as I find his prose just flat out engaging, and his general approach to skiing and his joy of life more my style. It's a great book for the low/ mid intermediate to get the basics, understand what's really at stake in skiing well and get on to it.

harald's book is great too-they(being each book) work together just fine. Basically both will give you a better understanding of skiing dynamics, some good focused sequential drills to take to the hill with you and leave you wanting to learn more and wanting to keep improving.

In short-They're good books. That's it-
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Originally Posted by ryan View Post
resistance is futile.
Don't you mean resistance is futile!!!!!

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My personal bible is ...

'Ski Racing- Advice from the Experts', circa 1960, compiled by Bob Beattie.

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What I want to know is how the guy in the pdf linked to by therusty is practicing in the summer -- what's the white material he has laid down there? And does anyone know where you can get those practice box surfaces? I've done some googling and come up empty so far.
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We just got Breakthrough on Skis I and II by Lito (I guess he's the Sting or Bono of skiing because he likes to use just his first name.) The second DVD (on bumps and powder) in particular is really good in terms of clarity, both of explanations and in the extremely clear filiming of various moves. I haven't ever skied bumps or powder so I can't really comment on his techniques, but it's sure interesting to watch. I hope to try these out soon.....

Don't buy these DVD's if you become nauseous at the sight of, um, colorful ski jackets. Shudder.
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Just another vote for Lito Tejatas-Flores (?spelling). Excellent slow motion demonstration videos. Clear explanation. Gives you practice drills. Progress is measurable in 1 or 2 days, especially for early intermediates.
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I think a DVD would be better than a book.

A demonstration is worth a thousand words.

I never read any of the instructional posts on this forum because my brain hurts after a couple of sentences.

I can think of several good DVDs, such as Warren Smith, but they may not appeal to a North American audience.
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Sybervision was an excellent VHS tape back in the day, I wish they'd make an updated version with updated skiing styles.
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Lito, the writing as well as the instruction are above average.
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What sort of book are you looking for? Certain books are better for certain things.
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