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Tiger picture in Breck?

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Just so there's no confusion, this message is being typed by Tiffany "Mrs. MadMike." I'm hoping that at least one of you can help me out. Please bare with me through this short story... My Dad spent some time in the Navy and visited several foreign countries, with Japan being his favorite. While there he purchased a large painting of a tiger that he absolutely loved. However, his 1st wife stole it from him in Illinois, and took it with her to Breckenridge. Apparently it ended up on the wall in a bar somewhere there in Breck. Now that I live in CO, and will probably be spending a lot more time in Breckenridge, maybe I can try to track it down for him. Now, it was taken from him 35-40 years ago so the chances of finding it are pretty slim BUT there's always that chance that someone knows someone that knows someone that might remember the place. Since most of you have been in CO for most of your lives, and have spent a lot of time in the local ski areas, I'm hoping someone can help. Apparently the bar was inside of a hotel in or near Breckenridge, thats name included the word 'Tiger' or had something to do with a tiger. Please, please, please...I would really appreciate any help my fellow skiiers can give. If not for me, then for my Dad, also a skiier of MANY years, and a US Veteran. Thank you!
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retitle this thread. the title won't draw the attention you may need to find the painting...

Nonetheless, I hope you find it.

what era is the painting from? Just out of curiousity. Edo Period??? is it two-dimensional? ie, no shading to show depth? If so, you coloradans owe it to help her find this.

Most famous paintings of tigers are from the edo-period and hold a style of painting exclusive to japan. (not entirely due to the fact that the artists from the Edo period had never even seen a tiger and were forced to imagine its appearance.)
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Not that I have ever been to this place, but I think it is the Best known present day Tiger in the Breck area. The next time I run into my friend that lived on Peak 9 in the late 70s I will ask him if knows anything!
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Thanks for changing the title. I know it's a long shot, but I thought I'd ask.
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Odd places to look that you probably wouldn't think of: Julius Caesar Lounge, The Brown Hotel, Eric's - but the other side of Eric's that's normally closed.

I've been to every bar in Breck, but I don't recall seeing it.
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The Brown Hotel Vinn
I was thinking about that place last week when I first saw this. I used to live in Breck in the mid 90's. My memories are a little hazey from those days but I sort of remember a picture like that hanging next to to the pool table at the Brown.

The Historic Brown Hotel
208 N. Ridge St.
Breckenridge, CO 80424
(970) 453-0084
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