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Whats my ski?? Mystery Stockli

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Hi all,
I picked up a pair of Stockli's real cheap.
I grabbed them cuz the flex felt OK, etc, etc.... and they were cheap.
But I have no idea what they are (name) so I can find out how old they are / what people thought of them as I havent ridden them yet (summer in NZ)
The details are;

=> Dark/Navy Blue swirly flame pattern (look almost just black from a distance)
=> Came with Solmon (sp?) bindings with the multi directional toe release (cant remember the model #)
=> Kinda stiff (much more so than my Rossi Scratches)
=> About 185cm
=> and Sidecut is, as measured by me... 139/87/118 true!

Any idea what they are?
Any comments on how they might go!
Mt Ruapehu is my home - early season is wind blown pockets of crunchy 'powder' / spring is boilerplat ice morings quickly going to corn / deep slush (this is where my Rossi Vipers just bogged down! frustrating)
I'm a strong, big skier (6" @ 130kg apx) but have only done last season in the last 13yrs, so these fat / soft things are new to me.
I used to ski 205cm K2's - just like my hero with the mohawk!

Anyway, any info / obversations would be great!
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Pictures can say a thousand words.
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Will do but I dont have them at hand SO if anyone knows by the discription it would be cool.
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Stockli doesn't make any ski wider than 125mm at the widest point. Either your measurements are off or the ski isn't a (Swiss) Stockli.

The closest waist width ski they make would be the Snake BC or the Scot Schmidt Pro.
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"139" .... ???? Better measure again. Stockli usually has some other marking/name on the skis, the only exception that I've seen was the all black "stealth" SL with the rubber embossed top sheet. It had no ID markings at all.
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: OK I was wrong & remeasured but the new measurement is...
& they are 180cm

They have a '12' & a '19' stamped into the side wall

Pics soon
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Shed any light ?? (PS Vernier reads 132mm)
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Are they sandwich or cap construction?

(disclaimer: I haven't seen many Stocklis before about 2002)
...that "Stockli" logo isn't in a font/style they have used recently.
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There a sandwich construction.
The 2nd hand place I got then from said they were about 4 - 5 yrs old so.. yeh, about 2000 - 2001?
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OK, something doesn't quite seem right...
The biggest Stockli from that era is the Asteroid, which was 121/91/108 (introduced in 2000/01, I believe)
In 01/02 they brought out the Cordeo TT - 122/73/111
Then in 02/03 the Asteroid was replaced with the Stormrider DP
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: hmmm.
The thing that is getting me is the (what seems to me) agressive sidecut but combined with the tip / tail width. Nothing seems to have a similar cut - even the older mid-fats.
Being obviously older (when did they last use that lettering?) & the lack of name, logo, model # & the '12' & '19' punched into the side wall is it possible that they were prototypes or customs?
Did / do Stockli do such things?

Oh well - barring someone recognising them from personal use or worked with product manufacture / design at Stockli at their time of birth, I'll just have to wait for the white stuff & give them a blast. Maybe I get naming rights!
Should be a fun first run anyhow

Cheers all for you help so far - now I REALY want to find out what they are!
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Is there anyway you can ask the place you got it from where they got it from?
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Yeah... they guy sells second hand stuff & once a season he imports a container load of ex-rental stuff from Switzerland by way of a friend with a shop there.
However these & a yellow pair of 160cm were in the container he brought in for our 2006 season. They kinda stood out among all the rossi gear that he usually gets in the container.
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The dimensions look like a European hyper-carver. "Carving" is like a whole other skiing-type sport in Europe. The problem though is the length. Hyper-carvers are never that long - at least not usually.

Have you tried contacting Stockli directly (or at least a rep who might find it interesting to help you track down its heritage)?

OK - I take it back. It's way too wide to have ever been a hyper-carver (those were usually 50-65mm underfoot). Those dimensions look more like what's been coming out in the last few years, but that's definitely not a production Stockli from the past few years.
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Moving over to gear.
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I'll email these pics to a Stockli Rep I know., see what he says......:
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Probably some weird-arse experimental model. I had some of those hyper carvers some years back, but the waist was 68 (it was the Raver).

Huge sidecuts like that are a pain in bumps and deep soft, so beware! You can do circles and scare snowboarders on steep wide runs though.
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The longest "extreme carve" in the 01/02 group was the "tip II" and that was only offered as a 148, 168 and 175 being the longest. The dimensions fall far short @ 92-69-101.

The largest shovel of that year was the freeride/tour Asteroid with @ 121 but the (108-91-121), was in 186 and 201 length.

sooooooooo sounds like it was 99/00 or 00/01 .... or ... a euro only model.
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Stockli doesn't make anything wider than 125mm.

They CAN'T make anything wider than 125mm.

If it's 132mm in the tip it's NOT a STOCKLI.
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Whiteroom - ya know, I was leaning toward that conclusion myself. That somehow this is a "counterfeit" ski. I wouldn't be surprised. It's either that or an experimental prototype that found its way here.
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Yeah, I've got 3 pair and've seen many, many more, and those sticks don't have any of the typical Stockli design elements. On the plus side, who the heck cares? You got a great deal, so go out and enjoy them. If they don't serve you, get another pair. Simple. Have fun!
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Originally Posted by Milllah View Post
You got a great deal, so go out and enjoy them. If they don't serve you, get another pair. Simple. Have fun!
He got a great deal if they ARE Stocklis. if they are not...hell still go out and enjoy htem. Nothing cooler than skiing on something that no one knows what they are.
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If they are straight sidewall from that era, there is a high probability that they are indeed Stockli. It was pretty hard finding a ski in that era that was not a cap .... pretty darned rare and Stockli was one of the "holdouts".

The only cap Stockli that I have ever seen are the newer Sinox series that are made by Head as well as the low line kiddie "race".

I'm sure Phil will correct me, but generally, in that era if it wasn't a race stock ski ... and it was straight sidewall ... probably a Stockli.

If you are going to pursue a Google search you may also try the euro spelling ............ Stoeckli .... more may come up from the CH and UK sites.
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i looked at the current Stockli (Stoekli) site and they don't make anything with an 80 waist, either. Their models jump from 76 to 88
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=> They are straight sidewalls with small step out before edge
=> Contierfit?: I hope not but..
- 125? is their some technical reasoning or they just havent made anything wider?
- why would a conterfitter made something that doesnt look right, surely they would make it the same?

FYI Price - $95NZ ($45US?), shop had them marked down from $550NZ as he couldnt move them this season. From wear & tear they are deffiently 3+yrs old

Anyway - I'm off to email Stockli/Stoeckli/Stoekli & hunt down a NZ rep.
Cheers & any more ideas greatly appreciated.
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Stockli's finishishing equipment has a maximum dimension of 125mm. Thats the widest they can make.

As Yuki mentioned, Head has produced skis for Stockli for quite a while, it could be (maybe) a prototype made by Head for Stockli. If it is it is interesting because those dimensions are absolutely cutting edge NOW, Stockli was way ahead of the curve if they built a 80mm super sidecut midfat ski three or four years ago...but, Stockli hasn't exactly been 'progressive' in the past. I'm guessing it's bogus.

You bought the ski for $45, why would ANYONE waste the time and effort to build a 'counterfiet ski' and then sell it for $45??? There is some explanation, a prototype (made somewhere other than Stockli) would explain it. Someone building fake Stockli's and selling them for pennies is NOT an explanation.
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I think you should send the ski to me for full testing.
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Stockli Rep. does not know. The Intrigue is killing me.
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post
Stockli's finishishing equipment has a maximum dimension of 125mm. Thats the widest they can make.
So the Stormrider XXL won't be wider than 125, or it will be made by head? :
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I don't have the dimensions in front of me, but the XXL is only 80mm wide under foot. The XXXL is 89mm (it's a softer version of this years SS Pro) the DP and TT are their widest skis (at SURPRISE 125mm in the tip).

Head only makes the Sinox and Jr (capped skis). Stockli wouldn't farm out a high end ski.
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