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Semi-Newbie Question...Info Please

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First the background...I'm 6'3 205...not sure of my level. I've skiied Snowshoe(first time ever skiing a couple years ago, greens and blues)...and have skiied Loveland(greens and blues) and Copper a few times(also greens and blues). I'm pretty confident skiing the blues out west and here is my question...The last few times I;ve been out west I've used 170's because I would rather have the control over the speed and have never had a problem with them. I've used 180's and they just feel different to me. I just got back from Colorado today and have the ski jones big time. My question is, if I were to buy ski's, which I would like to do eventually...is there a problem getting 170's or should I use the 180's because of my size? I'm not looking to go on any black runs or anything, I just like to cruise around the trails, no backcountry or anything.

A follow up, does anyone or has anyone heard anything about the K2 Silencer's?

Sorry for the length of the post, hope to hear back from some people.
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Size goes hand in hand with the type of ski. Some skis you might be on will be as small as a 165 or as long as a 185, depending on the ski.

What do you want out of a ski..what are your intentions? Where do you want your skiing to be at?
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Basically my intentions would be to stick to the greens and blues...be it on the East or West...There is a possibility of moving to Colorado in the next year so they would get alot more use then. But like I say mostly at the resorts, nothing to crazy.
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silencer is a skinnier version of the K2 Public Enemies awesome skis but not so good for a someone who never wants to ski more than blue or greens(which make no sense to me at all).

as for size no clue. doing greens and blues doesnt give me much. do you do them fast? do you ski them well? and why do people put artificial limits on their skiing like "I am not going to do any blacks?"

age, and weight a little more about yourself would help too..
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Being in your size range, and having similar aspirations a few years ago... I would say that 170s would be fine. I would just look for a ski that is at least moderately stiff, and has a good amout of sidecut/turning radius.

That being said, I have been on 170's for the last 2 years and now like to do the blue/black groomed runs - and now im thinking I want a little more length. But Im glad I didnt go longer before, as I think it would have slowed my progression.
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Snowshoe, eh... That's close to my townage... I was also looking at a set of K2 Silencers, but I was investing in Twin Tips for park and wanted something a little shorter, and Pathfinder only had a set of 170s or so in the Silencer, so I went with a set of 151cm Salomon seventwentys. If you only want to ski blues and greens, you don't need twin tips.

You should never limit yourself on any activity. Setting a limit of only skiing greens and blues could cause you to miss out on a lot of fun.That'd be like saying... "I love running... With enough practice I think I could run a mile in 5:30... but... I think I'll stick with running a 7 minute mile."

When I was in your situation, though, I bought a pair of K2 Escape 5500 and some Rossignol Free X boots, and that brought me from a solid blue skidder to a carver in very little time. Though, I don't know what the equivalent to the Escape 5500 is now in K2s line.
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Thanks for the info so far. For the one guy...I'm 25 and live in Florida so I'm only skiing a couple times a year. I may be moving out West in the near future though so obviously I would be skiing more. Eventually yeah I would try blacks, the park...but at my current level I'm fine sticking with the greens and blues. As far as how I ski those...I'll pick up some speed, hit the little jumps...I wouldnt say that I'm a great carver but I can turn with no major problems. Thanks again.

And Snowshoe was a great time...the only problem was that the town for the most part shut down at like 7pm.
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