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SVST Pocket Stone

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I was just at my local shop looking for an aluminum oxide stone to knock down some case hardened spots on my skis before I go at them with a 200grit diamond. Well, the sales guy, and the techs apparently too, had almost no idea what an aluminum oxide stone was. This is what I ended up with, Artech says that it is, in fact, an alu-oxide stone. However, there seems to be no info about the grit of the diamond. I called Artech and they didn't know, their tech told me to look for like a 100grit diamond to knock down the edges, wich happens to be the one I am missing! Anyone know what grit this diamond is? It is an SVST Diamond Pocket Stone, #7713.
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I have the SVST diamond files, as I recall black is 120, red is 220, purple 400 and blue is 600 grit.
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The diamond does have a red backing, I had assumed 220 (based on the diamond only stones the shop had). I ended up returing the stone, $18 plus tax was a bit steep for what there actually was, I think I'll pick up a 100 grit or so diamond.
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Stones are great. Just yesterday I was tuning some new K2 Chiefs I took to UT in Jan. Started with a 10" medium mill file but the case hardened stuff was killing the file, and not really smoothing the side burs. Just so happened I remembered I had a old sharpening stone from way back.The stone worked good for initial step in bur smoothing . I was then able to use the med.file,fine file,200 and400 Diamond stones without a gliche.
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