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An extreme, wacky or bizarre appearance that brings to mind the words extreme, wacky or bizarre is not acceptable for either men or women.

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Just a side note about their employment; they hired me as an instructor, though I didn't take the job, but I showed up with my 6 pierceings in my ears along with a nose ring, bright red hair that wasn't very natural, and a tattoo, though that would be hidden, and they still hired me. The director didn't even mind and said I could keep all the piercings in when I asked about the whole piercing rule. As for the hair, she just shrugged and laughed. So while it might say it, I doubt DV enforces their employment dress code
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I prefer, on any given day, PCMR 'cause it's got Jupe

Hehehehehehe! Yeah PCMR has got Jupiter Bowl, short somewhat steep but way overated. And yeas I skied it for 8 years. You really need to get out more.
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