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Deer Valley Photo

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Has anyone seen the photo of a skier making a turn to the right on a very groomed run in an ad for Deer Valley? He is alone and there does not appear to be any snow coming off his downhill ski and little if any from the inside ski. There is not much evidence of a track in the photo. Marketing tricks?
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What're you looking at Deer Valley pics for? There are SO many better places than that yuppie resort.
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dirtnsnow, it just happened to be in a mag. I was reading. You shouldn't be so harsh. Most of us should visit D.V. to learn what not to wear on the slopes. They do have a great buffet though.
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Maybe it was the Steinster. Word is, his skis don't toss any snow.
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I have to agree with dirtnsnow's harshness towards Deer Valley... any resort that advertises how much they groom is a pretty sad place.
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not really pickin' a fight here but seems to me they simply know their base clientele and address them, taking care of business, and rather successfully, i'd guess. heck, let those that want groomed get groomed, and those that don't, sure don't have to.
i've never gotten why any particular place is dissed, especially where it concerns terrain. no one puts a gun to someone's head and says "ski there."
don't like it? why not just not go there, leave it at that?

i'd guess a large percentage of skiers in the world don't mind groomed terrain; they may even prefer it. so they ski it. and have a good time doing it. in fact, they probably are a large enough contingent that, were they all to disappear, a few ski hills might not do so well.

what's the issue (he asked rhetorically)?

sorry to digress.

I don't believe the Daly Chutes get much grooming , head for THEM hills at DV.

it's all good.

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I agree with ryan. It's good to have a place like DV. It gives the skiers who like all that stuff a place to go.

Even though I spend more time off groomers than on, I still like them. Good place to teach and learn and much easier for those whose body may have a few miles on the odometer.

C'mon look at the picture (Ski Mag. I think) I want your opinion.

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is it that same dude ya always see, in the yellow marker jumpsuit-type getout? big shhh-eating grin on his face?
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I don't remember what color suit he had on, but the view is from the back. I'll have to look at the mag when I get home from work tonight.
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It is an orange jacket, and snow is coming off behind his skis, but no matter how you argue DV is still a yuppie resort.
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Most of the detractors speaking above speak as if they had never been to Deer Valley. I'd bet this to be the case.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of Deer Valley, mostly because of price and snow quantity. But, I've got to admit they've got some pretty damn good skiing. Anyone who talks about how Deer Valley is nothing but a bunch of groomers has never been there.

Wise words spoken by Ryan.

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I just love comments from People who have in most cases never skied Deer Valley. Trust me on this there is a Goretex and Duct tape set that skis Deer Valley right along with the Rich and Famous. On a Big Powder Morning while everyone is waiting in Line to get up Little and big cottenwood Canyons I'll Be haveing Fun skiing somewhere at Deer Valley.
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Utah49, you and me both. Let Llama and the others waste a good day waiting in line for the tram at Snowbird.

One of my best days skiing was at Deer Valley. It was the last day of a week of skiing and we were faced with something like 15" of fresh pow. My wife had chosen Deer Valley as her choice the night before and I agreed even though I longed to ski the Bird. Well, low and behold, Deer Valley was great. I skied one run for the first 3 hours of the day and never saw another skier and never crossed a fresh track in the snow. It was a nice bump run and I just kept moving over one mogul each run. I have never made so many runs in so much great snow without a hoard of skiers poaching every line.

Hoping you all hate Deer Valley,

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I agree with Utah49. If you diss DV, then you 1) have never skied there or 2) just don't get it. DV has some of the most varied terrain in the country. It also has a LOT of ungroomed terrain if you know where to look. I suspect most people who see DV all groomed are simply gathering that opinion from what they read in a magazine. Some of my best powdr days have been up in the Daly Chutes, Ontario and other un-mentionable in-bound areas.

As for grooming, sometimes it is absolutely a joy to just turn on courdory. Today, my wife and I skied the whole morning at PCMR without ever going off groomed. It was a blast. BTW, I have noticed a tremendous improvment in the grooming at PCMR this year. It used to be that PCMR grooming was a joke (lots of 4" seams between groomed stripes & death cookies everywhere). I hope this trend continues throughout the season this year.

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Originally posted by BobMc:

Wise words spoken by Ryan.

You as well BobMc, Utah49, Maddog1959 and Powdr.
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also, it skis pretty big and does in fact offer skiing that will challenge roughly 97% of experts, if said experts don't mind a little walk.

excellent rossi demo tent.

espresso station [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] on top of bald mountain. come on, what's a hill without an espresso station. (gotta dig the potpourri in the restrooms up there, too.)

anyway, that groomed stuff off the top of wasatch express will get you a little speed if you want a little speed.

also, it's the only place i've had my ticket pulled.

having said that, i saw that picture in skiing mag last night. a familiar trail, though it looked as if some of the more uneven features of the trail had been filled in, making it even more of a somewhat featureless cruiser than it already is.

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I recall that trail. I fell on it.
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Looks real to me. Look at the shadows of his poles across the corduroy. Too much detail.

Not that a good photoshoppie couldn't pull it off, but why bother? They own the place, just go up one morning before opening and snap away.
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one more note on grooming and cord...

Deer Valley goes to Ski Santa Fe for lessons. I tell ya, SF can turn ice into butter.
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Originally posted by ryan:
Maybe it was the Steinster. Word is, his skis don't toss any snow.
So....what you're saying is that Stein is not a tosser.
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i'll bet ol' stein does okay with his "private lessons."

[ December 10, 2003, 02:19 PM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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Everything groomed as smooth as the proverbial baby's butt is more the DV persona of the past. In the early days of Deer Valley's history - and, no, I don't mean DV's predecessor Snow Park - there was much less lift served terrain than there is today. Sure, you could hike for your turns, but the hike was a lot longer.

Relatively speaking, more of the mountain was groomed in those early days. But I also remember powder days - when it was snowing so hard that the mochachino and crossant crowd stayed inside by the fire - that I could count myself, the patrol Doc and two others skiing in the Mayflower area. We had the place - and an abundance of deep powder - to ourselves.

I've skied Deer Valley in the early morning on a pair of 223's going like a scalded cat; I was singing the praises of the cat-crew all the way. After all, they are those days when there is no substitute for corduroy. But I've also had powder days at DV that rival any resort.

I would be very curious to know how many of the naysayers have ever even skied Deer Valley. If you have, you're certainly entitled to your opinion. But if you haven't, you should probably shut your pie-hole. Take that. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Did I mention lunch?

edited because I can spell, I just can't type. :

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I have skied there and thought it was ok. It wouldn't be on my top 3 in Utah though.
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Originally posted by Lucky:
It wouldn't be on my top 3 in Utah though.
Mine either; but that wasn't my point.

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Powdr; Utah 49- I'm over on this side of the hills this year; goodbye Alta (for everydayskiing, at least), hello PCMR- If your'e around in the coming few weeks, let's do some turns.
Send me a PM and we'll hook up- I was up on the mountain cruising groomers between chores today and it was cherry- no pow like Monday but nice .

As for DV, it's just another experience- sort of at the opposite end of Alta or Butternut basin- but it's really fun if you've got the right attitude- my wife's looking for a really chi chi Bogner outfit on closeout to Tele in. And yeah, did I mention the food?
I prefer, on any given day, PCMR 'cause it's got Jupe, and Alta cause it's got, well Alta. But this DV powder day is the stuff of legend among locals, and now that I'm one, I hope to find out what all the fuss is about.

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I wasn't dissing the mountain or the terrain. I was dissing the people who ski there. For crying out loud, carry your own skis!! But anyway, I also hate the fact that it's sooo close to PCMR, but they aren't connected. You could connect a bunch of resorts in the Park City area, and have a HUGE resort. Wishful thinking.
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Isn't skiing, and boarding for that matter, about just that... skiing and boarding... and having fun.

For a long time I had lost site of what skiing was all about, but someone helped me come bak to the realization that it's all about having fun, even if that means skiing some groomers, or the deep, dark chutes.

As for DV, I think its a good place to have; the ski school has a much lower student to teacher ratio, which helps in the learning process,and they have some decent terrain, as long as you're willing to hike. Yeah, it might not be Alta, Silverton, or Jackson Hole, but its still something. And sometimes, that something is all someone has.

So just because someone else doesn't like or appreiciate a hill doesn't mean everyone does... simply that they have a different opinion.
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Ok, I understand what everybody is saying, hail to the snow!
But, what about this:


I'm not one of the most progressive minds around the world, but this appear to myself,as interfering in my own business.
As long as I'm clean (bot in body and dress) and not smelling, why should my employer care what lenght my hair is(BTW my favourite cut is the crewcut)???
Beard is almost a must in the mountains here, nearly everyone who has served in the "Alpini" (army mountain troops) will sport either a goatee or what is referred to as "four fingers" (full beard without sideburns...imagine it as an extended goatee).
Why should they care about earrings and tatoos as well...
I imagine that other resorts rule differently, at least I hope, allowing would be employees to choose also based on that.
In my line of business, no one would comment about my beard (when I had one), neither on my colleague unshaven face (he's always keeping his beard at a 2-3 days lenght) nor would comment on another colleague long hairs, as long as we keep ourselves clean, wear acceptable clothing (and that means clean, in fact I wear most of the time jeans and cowboy boots, a Stetson hat too), but most importantly, got the job done.
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posted by Inspector Gadget:
I've skied Deer Valley in the early morning on a pair of 223's going like a scalded cat; I was singing the praises of the cat-crew all the way.
Is this what you mean by cat skiing?
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Originally posted by Rubob:

I prefer, on any given day, PCMR 'cause it's got Jupe, and Alta cause it's got, well Alta. But this DV powder day is the stuff of legend among locals, and now that I'm one, I hope to find out what all the fuss is about.

Hmmmm, I'm joe schmo from NYC and thank's to y'all, I know about it, along with everyone else. Keep yapping about it, and that's all it'll be. A legend. An OLD legend.

Dirtnsnow- If I had it like that, I wouldn't be carrying my skis either. The Golden Boy (Moseley) doesn't carry his either, think you can punk him? Doubt it!

Matteo- An employer, especially one who caters to the elite, has the right to present a certain image. If you don't fit that image, don't try to get a job there. I don't fit that image, that's why I don't work there. I shave once a month with a rusty tuna can lid or a broken bottle, whichever's handier at the time.
And I'll wager a season pass that I'm making more bank than any employee short of upper management at DV.
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