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07/08 Head World Cup Slalom - Bode's Skis?

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This is the followup to my other thread reviewing a bunch of the 08-model Heads.

I was in Snowbasin yesterday (1/31/07) demoing new models. I had been tipped off beforehand that my area rep would have some "special" skis that I could try if I wanted.

So, what he had was a pair of 2008 Head World Cup Slalom skis. The story is that these were the REAL DEAL. Direct from the race department, made exactly to Bode's specs. I felt like a low-rent drug dealer looking to score as I follwed the rep out behind the tent and opened up the back of his van.

They were 165cm, 13.5m turn radius, geometry was 117.5-65.5-100.5. They had some kind of Vist plate on them and were stacked pretty high. They also have this sneaky little mini tip deflector on the tips. The graphics are essentially the white/black/red SuperShape graphics only with World Cup lettering. Now, we can nitpick about Bode's results so far in slalom : , but it's still pretty fun to be able to ride a pair just like what he's on. Anyway, the rep adjusted them for me and off I went.

Once I skied them, the first thing I noticed is that they're HEAVY.

The second thing was that these skis are not even remotely forgiving. When we left the demo tents, we would ski a flat, easy slope down to the Needles gondola. All the other skis I tried on that slope would let you sort of tip them a little, move some weight to the shovels, and they'd start on a carve.

Not these.

I immediately discovered that these skis like to have some serious pressure applied or else they would just continue in a pretty straight line. Stiff buggers.

Once I got up the hill and got on a slope with a bit more angle, however, these skis started to come alive. A touch of speed combined with a conscious effort to lay them over a little bit is what it took to wake them up. Once I started doing that, though, these skis were incredible. Really fast hookup and unbelievable edge hold during the occasional turns where I was able to keep up with them. There is just a huge amount of energy built up in a ski like this and you can feel it slingshot you down the hill. They were rock-solid on stability , as long as I was over them and skiing like I should. If I wasn't it was instant backseat and try to catch up.

This is a ski that would totally beat me up if I tried to ski it all day. It's not a ski you can relax on, it demands to be driven. Nevertheless, I could learn a great deal by skiing something like this regularly. It was an amazing feeling when I was able to put together a good turn every once in awhile.

I've been skiing a pair of SuperShapes all winter and there are similarities between the two skis. Both are smooth and damp. The SS will make really nice, really quick turns, but it's also very easy to ski when I'm feeling lazy. The SS is also, in my opinion, a very versatile ski.

The World Cup SL's, on the other hand, feel pretty "blocky" if you're not going fairly fast with fairly high angles. So, this would be a great learning tool for me as I try to improve my carving skills. I just wouldn't be able to ski it more than half a day.

So, this is the first time I've ever skied something that supposedly is that closely related to a honest-to-God World Cup ski. It was quite a treat. I wish I was 30 years younger.
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Very Cool!
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That is awesome, and your description reminds me of my Dobermann SLRs. Sounds like fun!
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