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I am leaving the Northeast tomorrow (in the middle of a Nor'Easter no less!) and heading to Jackson...I am reading a few good things about a turn in the weather but I would love the man in the street opinion...Should I bring my Legend 8000s or should I rent? I am keeping my fingers crossed that there is a major dump on the way!
Legend 8000's. That's a great ski for anything less than knee-deep powder/crud. You can always rent something fatter if the snow warrants it. There's nothing major in the forecast, but there are scattered snow showers predicted for the next several days.

The mountain is skiing extremely well right now.

MDF and I had a great morning yesterday and we met up with Vrcka and her husband and friend for a couple of runs. Very nice folks.

This morning, I did some skinning up on Teton Pass and had my best powder turns of the year.

It's all good.
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My guess is knee deep powder is not in the cards for the next few days Thanks for the response Bob...I also want to thank you for your unofficial guide, it is an incredible resource...I showed it to a friend who goes to Jackson once a year and he said it was incredible!

Thanks again!
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