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Value of skis

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Hopefully this doesn't violate the rules, If there is a more appropriate forum please move it there. I have a friend that would like to sell me his 2003 Volkl EnergY 320's They were skied 1 season, the bases are slightly oxidized, but otherwise in nice shape. Can anyone tell me what a fair price would be?
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You are fine here, I am sure someone will chime in with an idea of the value.
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Good day jb12string & welcome to Epic.......Found these on Ebay by doing a search.: Hope this gives you a idea of the Skis value. Look like some good Carvers.

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There are lots of ways to figure this out, my favorite is the consignment shop formula. It isn't always perfect, but works really well for a ball park. Start with the full retail price of the skis, this would be the artificially high one that the manufacturer publishes not the "street" price that shops actually charge when the ski is new. Once the skis have been mounted and skied take 50% off of that price. This accounts for the first year of use provided that there is no visible damage. Next take 20% off for each subsequent year after the first and you have the price. This might be a little lowball for your friend's skis since they were only skied for a season, but will work as a starting point.

I'm sure there are other formulas out there, but this is the only one I've ever come across in my dealings as a consignment buyer and seller. Hope it helps.
Have fun.
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Which bindings?
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Motion 10's
here is the link to volkl's catalog info on them
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Using the formula accepted on TGR. It’s a friend so this seems reasonable.


50% of current selling price (not MSRP)
-10% per year old
-10% per times drilled, per core shot, per delam...etc
-10% per marker binding attatched
+10-30% for Rare/High-demand item

Ok the skis & binding didn’t sell for $700, probably $500.
Skis are 4 years old.

So $164. But the 4 year old binding are worth another ~10% off. (Make sure to binding checked)

So $150 (nice even number)
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He is thinking $200, so I think I am going to pass, I was thinking somewhere between $130 and $150 myself. Thanks for all the help!
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Motion doesn't need to be redrilled, but I think you're right, m'be a bit generous even. I'd look to get something on the order of a 420, 380, 380Y, 4-star for that money.

PS the 5star rocks in PA
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