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Originally Posted by ct55 View Post
Our media here in Boston is voracious though and will blow stuff out of proportion given the chance.

::cough cough:: Boston Herald ::cough cough::
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Originally Posted by Lonnie View Post
Maybe the value here is to keep the fear mongering down to a minimum and realize that not EVERYTHING is a threat and that the actual risk of terrorism to the average citizen is pretty low.
Aww Lonnie that makes too much sense. If the government thought that way, we wouldn't be engaged in the War On Liquids and Gels: Keeping America's Airways Safe from Toothpaste.

Remember, 3 oz of toothpaste in a quart zip-loc bag is safe. Toothpaste in a 3.7 ounce tube will blow up an airplane. 1 ounce of toothpaste without a magic KipHawleyIsAnIdiot baggie will blow up an airplane.

This is the mindset of our Fatherland Security folks these days. No wonder the morons in my former home town overreacted like this.

"Signs on a Bridge" - the thrilling sequel to "Snakes on a Plane".:

The Bush government and their cronies have a vested interest in keeping the general public thinking that anything could be "terrorists". It justifies their trashing of the Constitution and the big bucks to Halliburton et al.

Yeah, verging on Supporters-only territory. I'll shut up now and see what's on Cartoon Network.
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whew . it's exhasuting to read through the hyperbole on this thread . . .

here are the good things that happened that day:
1- police and terrorist squads responded quickly when they were notified
2- they used prudence handling the devices
3- they got GREAT training; kind of like a secretly called training exercise
4- disruption to the city was localized ot h4 locations, NOT widespread

here are the bad things that happened:
1 - police and terrorists interagency communication was way too slow; they were satill evacuating peopel at 6:30, 2 hours after they initial word was received that the devices were benign
2- Turner and Intereference did not inform Boston ASAP that the devices were benign
3- Boston once again takes itself way too seriously (I explain to my friends in California that in order to be taken serisouly at work here you must look as though you are NOT enjoying yourself; just pretend you have an invisible medium size black paper clip attached ot the bridge of your nose at all times and you'll fit right in)

here are the stupid things that happened:
1- NO discussion by Boston officials of their shortcoming in this affair
2- plenty of Know Nothing comments along the lines of "dude, they should have KNOWN they were just cartoon characters" or "anyone can see just by looking it weas just a lite brite", as if you realy want bomb squad people to make decision based on packaging alone
3 - people holding up the other cities as good examples, mistaking the luck of ignoring devices that could have been an IED for wisdom (makes me wonder why the media hasn't reported what kind of due diligence if any was done in other cities)

here are the smart things that happened
1 - Turner paid $2 million in fees, $400,000 less than a 30 second Super Bowl commercial; that's a lot of bang for the buck :-)

Going to Killington on Sunday; as an old fart getting back into Alpine skiing who just switched from straight skis to new used shaped skis (Rossie Bandit 184s; I'm 55 weigh 200 lbs and am a 7-8 skier) I must say I am STOKED . . .. whoops, now that I live in Boston I mena to say that I am PSYCHED
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Story today about an ambulance being delayed to an injured pedestrian thanks to the hoax. James Sokolove (injury lawyer) can't be far behind ...


btw - the felony charges have not yet been dropped. There is a specific law for planting hoax devices in play, which carries a hefty penalty (5 years I think).
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An article I read said that for a conviction of planting a hoax device, there must be intention to incite a panic (or some such wording). Since those guys obviously had no idea what a stir this would cause, I don't see any malicious intent. Anyways, I be interested to see how it plays out.

LOL about the injury lawyer
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What will hopefully be the nail in the coffin of this idiot is that he is shown on a video (sounds like it was from a nearby security camera) .... and he was rolling video of the bomb squad responding.

Did he approach them and tell them it was an ad gimmick ....

No .. he ran back and called Turner.

The guy hurt in the ambulance .... poor schmuck .... I hope they use this to hammer home a reckless endangerment charge.
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