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SierraJim, what do you think of the Fischer Vision Breeze?
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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post
Interesting thread, I am looking at the Big Heats since the Atuas are gone, any info on them?
The Big Heat is a waaaaay different ski than the Atua. The BH is a wide, heavy, plated carver. As such, it likes groomers more than off trail. The ski that you should be looking at is the Watea 94. It is wide, softer, lighter and more nimble in the pwder and the goo.

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I (64, 150, 5'6", level7-8) demoed the Cool Heat 2 weeks ago on hard snow -- I had them almost all day -- and did not want to give them back. A real confidence builder. How does it compare to this year's RX-9?
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The Cool is similar to the RX-9 but of course wider. The Flowflex plate makes for a very damp smooth feel and provides serious leverage. This ski has a fairly deliberate feel, meaning that I would not call it nimble in edge to edge transition. OTH, it can hold it's own at any speed on groomers and blasts shallow crud nicely.

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Does anyoone know what Fischer is doing with its boots next year?
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Originally Posted by dawgcatching View Post

If you are thinking about picking up the RX9, WAIT! (for the Progressor). It is one of the very best hard snow skis I tried last week. My review will be up in a few days, if I don't get too busy at work. If you like the SC or RC, the Progressor feels like a hybrid of the two, and has a much more solid, typical Fischer wood-core feel that does both small and large radius turns very well. Flex is middle of the road: not as stout as the Supershape Magnum or Atomic GS12, but stout enough to hold up under aggressive edge angles. It was definitely a "hero" ski, and I was skiing very well on it.
Hey Dawg,
I've been sitting on the edge of my chair for two weeks. Any more info or review on the Progressor?

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Originally Posted by SierraJim View Post
I'll add an opinion here. (after all just like earlobes, ever'body has an opinion or two) I feel that both models are amzing skis that can do a lot of things well. I think however, that the outside of the East, the RX 9 is the more versatile ski on several counts. This is primarily due to it's shape.

Over the last few weeks, I've skied with several of my employees and with a small group of Bears and had the chance to listen to their input on the RX-9. This was a VAST difference in sker types, styles and sizes. Every skier was impressed with the RX-9. It is adaptable to folks that ski a high edge, a lower edge with a little heel bias, finesse skiers, power skiers, big mountain styles, and even a young woman. I attribute this to the shape and the compliant flex. While the RX-8 is certainly quicker, the shape can be a little grippy for deep bumps and it is a little turny for rough choppy snow. The straighter shape of the 9 simply smooths out those types of terrain.

What lengths were you/they on. I'm on RX8's and tried my friends RX9's in a 170 for a day about a month ago and found it to be a great compliment to the RX8's. in fact, I thought it had much better edge grip at high speeds. I have a chance to pick up the 9's in a 180 on the cheap but am concerned about the length. My RX8's are 170 and 175. I'm 6' 205. Level 8

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The size we were all on was a 175. I'm 5-10" about 192#. I don't see a problem for you on a 180 though.

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Thanks Jim,
They are only 400.00 so If I don't like them, I can give them away.......Just curious on the new line of Fischers. Do they use the exact same bindings as the 06/07 lineup that slide on to the ski or have they been revamped as well?
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