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Ski Size Suggestions?

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New poster, long time reader. I have learned a lot from reading the site and was hoping for some help. I am buying a new pair of Dynastar Legend 8000's for an all-mountain ski and am not sure if 172 or 165 is the right size for me.

Male, 29 yrs old
165 lbs
Level 8 skier

I ski 50% east/ 50% west, love to ski in the trees and prefer short turns and off-piste.

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!!
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I would look at maybe the 172, but more likely the 178. At your height and abilty, don’t go NEAR the 165! This isn’t a heavily shaped ski that needs to be skied short like an RX-8, the 178 has a 22meter radius...

I’m the same height, but weight 30 lbs more, The 178 is a nice all mountain ski for me that I use for 70-80% of my skiing. The 178 is certainly not too long for me (and I’m in the east) if you are using the ski out west a lot, you’ll be glad of those extra 6cm.
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Thanks -- I didn't even consider the 178s. anyone around my size ski the 8000's? any suggestions?
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I’m pretty sure Phil skis on them, and he’s one of the mosrt respected minds around here...
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