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PROOF of global warming

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the lakers were in boston to play the celtics last night.

the fans were shouting out "M-V-P" to one of the players.

kobe bryant.


the sky is falling.
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Whatever happened to Celtic Pride (which really was Celtic Contempt)?
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jeeez, next thing ya know i'll take the beating required to be jumped-out of the redsox gang just to take the beating to be jumped-back-in by the dodger legion.

announcement forthcoming...

wtf do i know from boston anyway
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What, rooting for the only team I hold in more disdain than the Yankees?
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it's a "roots" thing.

the smell of murdoch has left the building.
mccourt ain't o'malley but he's got a clue.
and heck, this is home.

photographic demonstration of the ritual shredding of my sox shirt upcoming.
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A Cowboys fan & a Dodgers fan. Next you're going to tell me you're a Lakers fan, also.
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lakers fan going WAY back.

when lynn shackleford was doing color commentary with chick hearn on the broadcasts. the suns and dallas have put together some nice streaks but i remember the lakers running off 33 in a row.

jerry west and gail goodrich in the back court. (still have my number 44 jersey.)
jim bridges, jim mcmillan, happy hairston.
some dude, wilt something-or-other at center.

back when kareem was still a buck.

shet, i remember phil jackson as a knick (with bill bradley.) (speaking of the knicks, if you ever catch walt "clyde" frazier on broadcast, dude is still mr. fashion.

but back to lakers/celts...even as a laker fan, i will say that magic cannot touch larry legend.

first lakers team i recall clearly: http://www.nba.com/history/72lakers.html

lately enjoying watching steve nash direct the floor show that is the phoenix suns.
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Damn Ryan, if you tell me you're a U of O Ducks fan (the college with the ugliest football uniforms in the nation) I'll have to stop all communications with you.
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csuf here.

still hurting from last year's CWS.
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Originally Posted by ryan View Post
csuf here.

still hurting from last year's CWS.
Why, the Beavers won!!!!!!!!
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all that just to set you up.
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I have to be happy with that. The Blazers, 49ers and Giants aren't going to be accomplishing anything great in the near future.
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