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Still skiing

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Lots of skiing still going on in the NE, too. Tucks, Killington, folks climbing and skiing at Mt Mansfield, Wildcat....
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Lucky you. I'm sure these extra days make up real nice for all the PNW rain, fog and wind Dec-Feb.
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Still skiing

Just thought I'd like to rub it in a say that we are still getting snow in the PNW. It may be heavy, but heh, 11 inches is 11 inches more than none. Crystal is reopening. The backcoutnry is stable and Whistler is open through June. Hood and Bachelor are still operating as well. Sorry, had to say it.
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I went for a run this morning at Hyak before work. The snow is still at around 6' near the base area and about 10'-12' up top. Check out the pic's at;

The snow should last through may and Chinook Pass will be opening up about that time...the DOT is still digging out Chinook but Cayuse opened up monday..
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Report from Oootah--

The Bird was good today. Pulled out my XXX's and they were just the right tool for the conditions. The top 1000-1500 vertical required a little hunting to get some good turns in the 2-3 inches of new. The bottom 1500 vert was extra creamy because the new snow didn't freeze the old and made the turns feel deeper than they were. Viz was less than desirable for a lot of the day, but if you know the place no prob...
Can't complain for 25 bucks! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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It sure would be nice if one of our Washington resorts actually kept the lifts (or one lift)operating until the snow melted. This year everyone closed up shop with more then 100" still on the ground, and for Baker they had over 200" base still.....and they closed earlier then I ever remember so hiking season starts a bit earlier this year. Chinook Pass will be delayed in opening due to heavy snows...They have sections of the road where it is up to 30 feet deep. Summer boarding should be pretty good there this year!

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BG, just curious about people hiking and skiing Wildcat. I was on Mt. Washington this weekend and there appeared to be about five patches of snow on Wildcat, none longer than 100 yards.
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Originally posted by worldfishnski:
Whistler is not Washington last time I checked.
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Originally posted by jpfeiffer:
Lucky you. I'm sure these extra days make up real nice for all the PNW rain, fog and wind Dec-Feb.
Spoken like a true ignorant East Coaster... That's right, it sucks out here. I dunno, I guess that one rain day at Mt. Baker made up for all those 20+ inch days... Or not, since we hand many of them on the way to a 800+ inch snowfall winter. Wind? What's that?

Baker closed early because they are ripping out chair 4-5 for a new fixed quad... Yawn.

Whistler is ALWAYS open until June 9th, since it has a coastal snowpack and is glacial, at which time Blackcomb opens on the 10th for spring/summer skiing on the glacier and whatever else has snow. Crystal is reopening for Memorial Day weekend until the snow is gone (hah!). Timberline is lift-served thru the summer... There will be faceshots to be had on Chinook and Hwy 20 for a looooong time. Poor suckers, HAH!
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The wildcat skiing & climbing happened on 5/5.
Here's a link to the report trip report
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Nice pics!....your day looks as nice as the one we had last week at Hyak.

Except you had lifts running.......
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A dozen of us from the other board got together to ski the Boid over the weekend. It couldn't have been a finer spring day....well, unless it had dumped a couple of feet (like it might be doing right now--8" and climbing).

We were having so much fun I forgot to stop to take action shots. Maybe this weekend.... or not.
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It was. Let's hope it's that good again the day after tomorrow, eh?...
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Originally posted by endlessseason:


who's the dork with his hands raised & the big smile?!?

great day, it was good to meet you endless......

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Speaking of still skiing...

This Saturday, May 25, is the day the tram opens for summer rides at Jackson Hole.

They now allow you to take skis up the tram during the summer, with the restriction that you are supposed to go *outside* the ski area boundaries for any skiing you want to do.

My wife and I are planning to ride the 9:00am tram this Saturday and hike over to Cody Peak if the weather's cooperative. Depending on the snow conditions, we might try to ski Four Shadows couloir or somewhere else on Cody. We'll then head back to the tram for the ride down.

Anyone who's in the area and wants to join in is more than welcome. I'll be the one with the maroon (moron?) pack with K2 Heli Stinx skis strapped on.

It snowed there over the last couple of days, so I really don't know what to expect in terms of snow conditions. "You never know 'til you go."

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Crystal Mtn. is also re-opening the lifts for Memorial Day weekend and every weekend for as long as the snow holds out. They are reporting somewhere around 112" in Green Valley where the lift will be running...$20 lift tickets...
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Great to ski with you Matt! See you tomorrow.
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Chinook Pass still has 175" at the summit. This picture was taken last week by the DOT...they are still trying to get the road cleared to re-open.

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We went up on Memorial Day and closed down Mt. Bachelor for the year. Great skiing warm weather all around a great weekend. Now all we are left with is Timberline; and skiing the melted stuff!!!
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I went to Crystal yesterday (Memorial Day). I intended to meet BadRat in the morning, but arrived a few minutes too late. We were both with others so no big deal. I did see him later in the day.

Conditions were pretty slushy. Two chairs are open for skiing: Rex and Green Valley. Green Valley conditions are o.k., Rex not so good. The novelty of skiing this late in the year made it fun nonetheless.
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wrapped up a great season in the east on saturday - (yeah, the *east*). The stage parking lot was almost full around 9am with all the regulars - mostly locals and a few Green Mountain boys. Despite the publicity the Great Gulf got this year it was still just the same faces. Silky corn in Airplanes variations, Pipeline, and the east snowfields on a bluebird day..... Niiiiice!
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all the regulars - mostly locals and a few Green Mountain boys. Here's to next year.
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Pics from skiing Alta today (click the pic):
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