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Atomic M11 B5

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Skied the M11 B5 last night. 170 cm.

Ability - advanced

Excellent. Combination of groomed packed powder and clumps of skied-off powder. I'm in WNY so we have short runs and "hills" not mountains.

I liked this ski from the first run. Smooth. Great edge. Stable. Handled the flat as well as the cut-up, pushed-up snow. I skied many runs. I skied them hard and fast. I really enjoyed them.

I would like to try the 176 first, if I were going to but these.
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I also found the 170 to be too short. The 176 would be my length of choice.
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The 170 was not enough ski for me either 5'10" 215lbs. Thats why I took the 172 B5! :
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