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Help! All-mtn Ski Recommendation for lightweight(skinny and tall...) rider!

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Hello everyone, I am looking for do-it-all skis for skinny......male.(can't gain much weight)

I am..:
- male
- Height: 5'11"
- Weight:130-140lbs (really, I can't gain any weight)
- Age:18
I ride xc bikes during the summer, every weekend, so I have okay build up on my legs.

My skiing ability would be at 8.5 according to the following scale:

7 - open parallel, skiided turns
8 - carved turns, dynamic skiing
9 - double black skiing, bowls, powder, off-piste (seen offered in Jackson Hole I believe)
10 - extreme skiing (seen offered in Jackson Hole I believe)
Living in Vancouver, BC, Canada (west coast) - I go to local mountains around here. I sometimes shoot for whistler, but I just dont have much time to go there.

I currently have 2004 Nordica The Beast boots & 2004/2005 Salomon Crossmax 10 175cm, the highest model on crossmax range.. The problem with this ski is that, I couldn't bend the skis much on a bit of icy-hard packed snow, becuase I lack weight. On lightly grommed runs, I am real happy with the stability/ edge hold of these skis on high-speed carving, but it tires me out after full day of skiing. I am never tired out with other intermediate skis, but I just love the rebound and edge holds form these crossmax 10s.

So, I am planning to keep these skis for lightly groomed days, with not too much snow. If I find the new skis to be better than the crossmaxes all around, i am going to sell these.

I just want something that could be fun, yet easy to ski as a 140lbs guy. I ski on Piste for 90% of the time.

I looked at K2 Apache X 167cm ($360 new) , Head Monster IM70 170cm($400 new) , Salomon XWing Blast 170cm ($370 from my friend) within my budget. Among these, I think I could be good for the Apache X.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated!

(P.S. Please don't tell me to gain more weight! I tried everything to gain more weight..)
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I am almost the same size and weight as you (same boat I eat like a horse and gain nothing)

Do a search for 8800 in the gear review section, I did quiet a few reports on the Dynastar 8800 that I have and I love them.

Stiff and rails really nice on hard pack for GS radius turns. Can and will do shorter radius with a bit of input and skill. Ski bend and flexes just fine in Powder and will do everthing from a light dusting to over the knees (deepest I have had it in so far) with no problems. very forgiving and doesn't kick you around or beat you up. Bases and edges are bomb proof (have lived though my abuse of a few seasons)

I would go 170 - 178 range, more than that is okay but means more work for us light weights and will need more speed on average to make it perform easily.

Price might be slightly higher than you want but at a skill of 8.5 don't buy your self short. GET A GOOD SKI it's worth every penny (Trust me !) A lower level ski will just hinder your improvement and lessen your skiing experiances by not performing to your level.
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I'm 130lb 5,10 and i ride the atomic snoop daddies. There a 50/50 ski so you can still have a whicked time carving it up....
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Heh, yet another skinny guy checking in.

I am skiing the Fischer AMC 79 in a 170 and think it has alot to offer. It's light and for it's width, quick edge to edge and good in crud and on ice.
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