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Winter Park today

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Glad I had an excuse to drive up to WP today. After taking care of business, I strapped on my Atomic Cold Smoke and hit the powder in the trees at Mary Jane. It was AWESOME (I actually used the "O" word to my supervisor when I finished at the end of the day). It was fresh untracked powder up to my knees in those trees with all the moguls having a deep cover -no rocks. It was definitely a "no friends on powder days kinda day". None of the boys could keep up with this chica. No lift lines either. Just pounding through that powder as fast as I can. Thanks guys for praying for knee deep fresh untracked powder for me up at WP/Mary Jane last night. I will twitch in my dreams tonight. I hope you get powder tonight at your favorite hill.
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awesome..I can't wait to go to CO in two weeks. I know exactly that feeling you have after a day like that...it's what we all live for.
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Yes, it was a great day.
Keystone was surprisingly good also.
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Owwww. My legs are fine but my arms are soooo sore and I don't know why.: Another instructor conned me into a pure mogul field and I didn't see a few and got launched and slammed pretty good. Wierd thing though yesterday, I rode up the lift with some people and commented on the great powder and how much fun it was. They hated the powder - they didn't know how to ski in it.:

Here's sorta what it looked like yesterday BUT I found much deeper powder in the trees than this. I don't know this guy but you can get an idea of the fun possible yesterday.

I'll be back up this weekend. I will however be in Sorenson Park making more snowboarders.
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