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Steamboat Ski Rentals?

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Not being familiar with rentals, I'm looking for a little advice here. Group of us are headed to Steamboat in a few weeks and my friend's girlfriend does not have skis. She's an intermediate and needs a basic setup. Where's the best and likely most inexpensive place to rent in steamboat? Any weeklong rental deals? Thanks in advance.
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Try this: http://www.skicoupons.com/coupons.cfm/r/9/g/4/cc/11

I'm looking for the same. It looks like "Ski & bike kare" is where we're leaning towards.
I've seen quite a few recommendations for these guys.
Hope this helps.
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I am in Steamboat now (conditions are AWESOME by the way) and I rented from the One Stop Ski Shop... it is on 11th street downtown. For a six day rental, the cost for ski's, boots, and poles is $21/day for their "performance" package, and I think $13.00 a day for the basic package. You havve to reserve online to get that price, I think their website is www.onestopskishop.com. Google it if that is wrong.

They are, by far, the cheapest in town that I could find, and the staff there are very friendly, and the ski's are great.
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