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OK Now I'm confused

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I will be getting all the necessary tuning gear for my upcoming birthday. I'm able to get a bit of a deal on Swix gear so I've been watching their online videos to educate myself as well as formulate a buying guide. I have also read the FAQs here as well as some info from Holmenkol. Unfortunately I've come across some contradictory information. I am looking for the most tried-and-true, vanilla, industry standard type info (nothing fancy), if in fact it exists.
1) Diamond stones before filing, after filing, or both?
2) Do you always step down files (bastard to 2nd cut to fine)?
3) Do you always step down diamond stones (medium to fine)?
4) Polishing? Is Arkansas stone the way to go?
5) For maintenance, is diamond stone followed by Arkansas stone sufficient, if so which diamond stone (medium or fine)?
6) What role do Ceramic stones and Gummi stones play?
I apologize if any (or all) of my questions were unnecessary.
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For rec tuners, you can go a long way with just a bastard file, medium to fine diamonds and an arkansas or aluminum oxide stone. Your mileage may vary and some of the differences with different stones and approaches (and getting lost in it all) will not amount to life changing differences.
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