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How's Taos doing now??

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The wife and I are looking to follow some snow this weekend...and we found a nice package deal w/ flight, rental vehicle and a hotel in Santa Fe.

I know they've got 7" new today and that they should get maybe another 6" this week. Other than that how's the base, available terrain, etc?

Any insider info is greatly appreciated

Oh what's the drive time from Santa Fe..about 1.5 hours??
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The skiing has been great out this way. The coverage is very good and I suspect we're going to exceed the six inches of additional snow by a fair amount as its been snowing all morning.

An hour and a half is about right for the drive to the the ski valley if the roads are good.

Have a great time! The skiing this weekend is going to be fantastic!
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SantaFe question

Since you seem to eb a local, could you tell me if it is realistic to drive from Santa Fe to taos, ski until noon-12:30 and then drive to Albuquerque to catch a 4pm flight. My conscience tells me that I should not even try to do that and just doa half day at Ski Santa Fe or some other local mountain. BTW, I will also have to rent skis, as I left my gear at home. Do you know a good place to rent in SantaFe by any chance?

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Alex, for a half day in the AM don't mess with the extra driving to go to Taos. Go to Ski Santa Fe - there is plenty to keep you happy there and the snow is great all over northern NM. THere are several places to rent skis in SF - pick them up the night before so you dont have to mess with it in the AM. Alpine Sports has some good demos.
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Also, Alex, if you are skiing Friday and you want to ski pow rent some fatish boards at alpine and head for Pajarito by Los Alamos. They are closed today so three will be heaps of fresh there and few people. It would not be a problem to leave PJ at noon and catch a 4:00 flight.
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From this last 3 day storm, northern NM enjoys great snow - Angel Fire - 19" new snow, Sipapu - 19" fresh powder, and Taos - 26" delightful new fluff.
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Thanks a lot for the NM tips! I did end up going to Ski SantaFe for a half day instead of Pajarito, as the lady in the Alpine Sports talked me out of doing that saying that I should be able to find enough powder in SantaFe and have a much easier time driving back. The snow was indeed great, although cold, wind,and rental boots took a good solid chunk out of the enjoyment. I was totally unprepared for it, as I didn't take any of my ski gear with me and I am a wimpy Californian now, so I already forgot that I own a face mask. Once I figured out where to go in the trees to escape the wind, things went much better and I had a good time on the K2 Apache Outlaws that I rented. I still was frozen by noon, when it was time to hit the road.

I did have a weird experience in Alpine sports renting the gear. When I told the rental guy that I needed 27.5 mondo size boots he insisted on asking for my street shoe size and made a hard effort to put me into the 28.5 boots that his wall chart suggested. After I insisted on getting the right size, he proceeded to tell me that I do not need a 174 length ski (I am 6ft, 180lb), and that I really needed something shorter. When I told him that my current ski is 185, he told me:"Those must be very old then". Needless to say I persisted with my choices (should have told him that my old pencil skis were 200cm ;-).

My impression of Alpine Sports were saved by the lady upstairs where I went to get glove liners (as I only had a pair of thin softshell gloves with me (I didn't expect to be able to ski when I packed, so I just took some of my hiking gear). She gave me detailed recommendation on the trails to go on the mountain and her recommendations were spot on.

So thanks again to the Bears for the recommendations. That half day would have been much worse without the community help.


P.S. Cafe Pasquale in Santa Fe serves some awesome food!
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Alex - I'm glad you got out! One thing is for sure, Friday morning was COLD! I hit PJ where they had gotten about 15" of new snow and hadn't been open since the storm. Strong winds on Thursday night had compacted the dry snow quite a bit and conditions were variable. It took some searching to find the really good fluff but when I did it was knee deep sweetness. I had to knock off at noon to get to work by 2:00 and I swear it took me all day to warm back up!

Alpine is a funny shop... There is a lot of good info to be found there,but also a fair share of idiots. Still, they got you on some Outlaws which were a great ski for the conditions and you got some good info...

Even though it was cold and windy, I'm sure you had some great views since it was also bluebird. Ski Santa Fe offers some incredible vistas.
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Sorry you didn't stay the weekend, Alex. Taos on Sunday was about as sweet as it gets (with puking snow being the only thing better). Soft snow, warm air, no wind on the ridge and sky so blue it looked like a theater set and no lift lines to be found while the crowds were warming up their nachos for the Super Bowl. You could've skied in your little gloves and a sweater, no problem.
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Sunday was one of the most amazing ski-days I can remember - the stuff dreams are made of.
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Sheesh, guys, now I feel bad... One of my colleagues at work went to Tahoe on Sunday and his trip report was very succinct: "No crowds, no snow". I could only imagine how Taos or even Santa Fe would have been in warm windless weather... Hopefully we get some much needed storms here in California...

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