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SLC to PC Shuttle

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i am landing in SLC tomorrow evening and was left high and dry by the rest of my group to get in on the shuttle service. I am going to shop around the net to try to find a cheap shuttle, but any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
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How many people and what is your budget?
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our party has 8, but the other 6 are arriving in the afternoon, which leaves 2 of us. since we are already behind the rest of the group, i would prefer to do a private trip (one-way) to keep from making a number of stops for other customers...i found an SUV service for $89 but still shopping.
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Sent you a PM>
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This has been discussed a bunch before. Try the search function. FWIW - All Resorts ( )has a huge fleet of vehicles to suite most budgets and group sizes. I have had good luck with them.
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Allresorts are the best. Very professional. Having since used other shuttles in the region (blue bus and Canyon transportation) I'm even more impressed with Allresort.
Their drivers are top notch, they are very reliable and I wish the other companies were like them. They don't have the staff turnover that the others have, and THAT is the difference.
Their drivers know PC, too.
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Allresorts is the Best. Cool drivers and very dependable.
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